These Truths About Shariah Law Left Even Liberals Shuddering


Freedom of speech. Religious freedom. Pursuit of happiness.

These ideals run through the bloodstream of America’s founding documents and have long been embedded into America’s institutions. The Judeo-Christian principles that undergird Western civilization have left millions of people unbelievably free.

America is largely split. There are those who recognize the importance of preserving what makes Western civilization unique, while also pushing back against ideas that would tear those values apart.

On the other side are those who embrace all cultures and ideas as not better or worse, only different — even if it means the breakdown of America’s institutions and values.

Case in point: Shariah law. Many on the left claim Islam is a peaceful religion. And yet, the religious code of Islam — Shariah law — is practiced in Muslim majority nations around the world, and its courts have even been established in European countries like Germany and the U.K.

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“Asking a Muslim to stop believing in Sharia is like asking her to stop practicing her religion. It is a blatant attack on religious liberty,” HuffPost wrote last year. “You do NOT need to worry about Sharia dominating American life and courts,” the article continues.

Now, a report out of Indonesia — a Muslim majority country that has been considered relatively “peaceful” — may have some leftists changing their minds.

Titled, “This Is What Life Looks Like Under Sharia Law,” the notoriously liberal VICE News gives a shocking picture of the oppressive and torturous force that is Shariah.

Homosexuals in Indonesia are brutally punished — beaten dozens of times with a cane.

“Sharia police roam the streets of Indonesia’s Banda Aceh province. They bust gamblers, drinkers, and adulterers and send them off to an ‘executioner’ to be publicly caned,” VICE reported.

And it’s not just cruel Islamic authorities who are in favor of these brutal punishments. “Cane him on the ass so it won’t happen again!” the crowd shouted during the beatings, according to VICE. “Hit him harder!”

Sex outside of marriage earns the same punishment.

And the treatment of women? A woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s testimony in court under Shariah. The Islamic code also allows fathers to contract binding marriages for their children so long as they are minors.

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Are you afraid of Shariah law eventually permeating the United States?

Former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali put it simply when she testified in front of Congress in 2017: “Let it be said explicitly: the Islamists’ program is fundamentally incompatible with the US Constitution, religious tolerance, the equality of men and women, the tolerance of different sexual orientations, the ban on cruel and unusual punishment and other fundamental human rights.”

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Rebekah Baker is the former deputy managing editor of The Western Journal.
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