TSA Admits It Allows Illegal Immigrants to Use Arrest Warrants as ID to Board Planes


The Transportation Security Administration confirmed Friday that it does indeed allow illegal immigrants to use arrest warrants as an alternative to proper ID in order to board planes.

“For non-citizens and non-U.S. nationals who do not otherwise have acceptable forms of ID for presentation at security checkpoints, TSA may also accept certain DHS-issued forms, including ICE Form I-200 (Warrant for Arrest of an Alien),” a TSA spokesperson told Fox News.

The practice came to light after Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden learned that the agency was allowing “unknown and unvetted” illegal immigrants to board commercial flights in the U.S., the Daily Caller reported.

Gooden’s office received the information from a whistleblower in November and sent a letter to the TSA on Dec. 15, according to a news release.

Gooden said allowing illegal immigrants to use arrest warrants as ID is “totally crazy.”

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The TSA said arrest warrants can be validated using an “alien identification number” that is checked against Customs and Border Protection data.

“All passengers whose identity is verified through alternate procedures receive additional screening before being allowed into the secure area of the airport,” a statement from the agency said.

Other documents that can be used as ID include warrants of removal/deportation, notices to appear and alien booking records.

Should arrest warrants be accepted as ID at airports?

Gooden argued that this should not be allowed.

“President Biden is putting millions of Americans at risk by allowing known criminals and potential terrorists to fly on U.S. airlines,” he said in a Thursday statement.

“A criminal alien shouldn’t be allowed to board a plane after presenting a warrant for their arrest. They should be detained and brought before a judge.”

TSA Administrator David Pekoske confirmed that an average of 159 non-citizen passengers fly in the U.S. using DHS-issued documents every day.

“TSA is committed to ensuring that all travelers, regardless of immigration status, are pre-screened before they arrive to the airport, have their pre-screening status and identification verified at security checkpoints, and receive appropriate screening based on risk before entering the sterile area of the airport,” Pekoske wrote in a letter to Gooden.

These revelations are especially timely, as there has been a surge of illegal immigration into the U.S. that has increased monthly.

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Fox reported that there were 178,840 migrant encounters in December. This was an increase from November’s 173,620 and October’s 164,753.

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