Tucker Calls Out Liberal Hypocrisy, Decimates Fmr. Obama Adviser for Attacking Trump on G-7 Summit


Turning old enemies into new friends is something of an American tradition.

Think about it: Our bloody war for independence was fought against Great Britain, yet they are now one of our closest allies.

Southern states like Texas, Georgia, and the Carolinas are as American as they come, yet the Union battled them tooth and nail 150 years ago.

It’s the same story with Germany and Japan: Once our most hated enemies only a few decades ago, we’ve buried the hatchet and now enjoy close relations with both.

President Donald Trump believes that it’s time to move past a Cold War mentality with Russia, but liberals are bizarrely throwing a fit over the idea of talking instead of fighting.

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During the recent G-7 summit of the largest economies in the world, Trump suggested that Russia should be part of future meetings between powerful nations, in order to discuss common goals and be part of the international conversation.

It isn’t that far-fetched of an idea. After all, the G-7 used to be the G-8, and Russia was invited to the summit as recently as 2014, until then-President Barack Obama disinvited them.

You’d think that liberals would jump at the chance to use diplomacy instead of bombs, but they have been fiercely critical of Trump’s proposal.

Do you think liberals are opposing adding Russia to the G-7 just to spite Trump?

Tucker Carlson wanted to know why, so he invited Obama’s former international adviser, David Tafuri, to explain the hesitation.

“David, this sounds like something liberals used to say during the Cold War, it’s better to be at the table talking than not to be, why is that not true now?” Tucker asked.

“That’s absolutely still true, but this was a strange platform for Trump to make this comment at the G-7 summit,” Tafuri insisted. “He didn’t say why he wants Russia to be there. Is there some trade deal he wants to do with the other G-7 countries and Russia, or a security (agreement?)”

That’s when the Fox News host pointed out that sitting down with Russia may not just be polite, it could actually help fend off a tragic war.

“We’re very close to an actual war with Russia. We’re fighting a war with Russia in Syria, we’ve killed hundreds of Russians in Syria,” he reminded his guest.

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“And you could very easily see a war breaking out there, you could see a war breaking out over Ukraine, you could see problems in Georgia … we’re as close to conflict with Russia as we’ve been in a long time,” Tucker continued.

“Why wouldn’t you want to defuse that a little bit? Is there an advantage to going to war with Russia?” he asked.

Tafuri declared that America shouldn’t be so quick to bury the hatchet.

“You have to remember, why was Russia kicked out of the G-8 in the first place, in 2014? Because it annexed Crimea and violated Ukraine’s sovereignty. It’s continuing in that effort by supporting a bloody war in eastern Ukraine. So that was a punishment to Russia,” he said.

Are four years of sanctions enough for Russia to get the message? Tucker certainly thinks so.

“But if the point is to make a moral statement about how Putin is ‘bad’ … we’ve made the statement (already),” he pointed out.

“Why wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to defuse armed conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia? But liberals want conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia… why?”

Tucker then asked a very good question that his guest struggled to answer.

“Why is Russia a greater and more imminent threat to us than Mexico?” the Fox host wondered.

“Are they killing tens of thousands of Americans with fentanyl? Have they flooded our country with 20 million illegal aliens? Why are they a bigger threat to us?” he asked.

The former Obama adviser repeated the vague explanation that Putin and Russia were trying to “interfere in our democracy.” How a handful of Russian-linked Facebook ads caused millions of fed up Americans to vote for Donald Trump in states that Obama previously won wasn’t clear.

Tucker hit him with another brilliant point: If liberals are truly concerned about threats to American democracy, they should be deeply concerned about illegal immigration and widespread amnesty.

“Mexico is encouraging people to invade our country and a lot of them are trying to vote,” the host pointed out. “Now people are saying they need to be naturalized and allowed to vote — speaking of affecting our democracy!”

It’s hard to argue with that. Once again, liberals seem willing to attack anything and everything Trump says, based mostly on bitterness.

Using diplomacy when it’s available is supposed to be a platform of the left, yet they’re now critical of reaching across to former enemies, simply because they dislike the president.

Just because Donald Trump says something, doesn’t make it a bad idea. Maybe someday the left will learn that.

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