Tucker Carlson Exposes Mainstream Media's Biggest Problem [Watch]


Tucker Carlson has had it with the mainstream media and their apparent unwillingness to hold people in power responsible.

On Wednesday night, the Fox News host blasted journalists for their coverage of the Russia investigation, specifically regarding a classified memo allegedly detailing unethical surveillance practices by the Obama administration.

With that in mind, Carlson indicated that the age of responsible, investigative reporting — at least from the mainstream media — is over.

Carlson said that many on the left are using accusations of Russian election collusion as a front to keep the memo classified, and that the media have been mostly complicit with this.

“This is not a story we ought to ignore. The public deserves to know — needs to know — what’s in that memo. This is our government. We have a right to know if it’s representing us, or if it’s lying to our faces,” he said on his show.

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“Transparency is the only anecdote.”

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host then asked what could possibly be the counter-argument to keeping such an important document classified.

Carlson, however, pointed out that Democrats and their “many handmaidens in the media” have somehow found a way to argue against the declassification of the memo.

Do you believe the mainstream media is doing its job effectively?

“You’re not allowed to know what’s in that memo because Russia,” he said, mocking the attack line by Democrats who wish to keep the contents of the memo away from the public.

“Sen. Dianne Feinstein and congressman Adam Schiff, Democrats both from the state of California, are warning that if you want to read that document, that memo — which, by the way, was prepared by the U.S. government for American lawmakers — you are somehow in league with the Vladimir Putin regime.”

Carlson was not lying.

In an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Schiff and Feinstein requested the social media titans to “conduct an in-depth forensic examination” of their own regarding the fast trending topic.

The two California Democrats are suggesting that a trending Twitter hashtag, #ReleaseTheMemo, is being boosted by Russian elements.

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Contrary to their claims, sources familiar with Twitter’s internal analysis have stated that the popular hashtag “appears thus far to be organically American,” according to Fox News.

Carlson claimed that the Feinstein-Schiff memo is a dog whistle to Twitter and Facebook to intervene against the proliferation of the hashtag, thus preventing Americans from learning about it.

He then pointed out that, for centuries, the news media have battled politicians who attempted to suppress unflattering information, but they aren’t doing that anymore.

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“The long and worthy tradition of journalists as watchdogs holding the powerful to account,” he said, is over. “It turns out that journalists have switched teams. They’re with the powerful now. They would like you to shut the h— up.”

The memo is currently classified, but several congressional Republicans who have seen the four-page document say it is damning, detailing evidence of surveillance of American citizens by the Obama administration and law enforcement agencies.

Republicans have also said the memo exposes abuses of civil liberties that may have been done for political gain.

However, the document may not classified for long. President Donald Trump has expressed interest in releasing it to the public. It is not yet known if that will happen or when.

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