Tucker Carlson Responds After His Pic Is Burned with US Flag: 'I'm Proud to Be Burned with the Flag'


Tucker Carlson said he was “proud” after he saw images of leftist activists burning a photo of him with an American flag outside of Fox News headquarters on Wednesday.

A small band of Black Lives Matter activists descended on the building in New York City and began chanting that the network’s hosts are “racists” and “Nazis.” There was also a hint of anti-Semitism in the air.

“You’re full of lies, you’re all racist, you’re Nazis, you’re Zionists, you’re KKK, Proud Boys!” the group yelled.

Videos shared by Twitter user Elad Eliahu showed the band of leftists shouting and setting fires.

“Earlier today a small group of BLM protesters gathered outside Fox News HQ in midtown Manhattan to protest the media company,” Eliahu commented.

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One activist set off a smoke bomb and threatened to bring “real smoke” to the area of Manhattan.

Eliahu then shared a video of a picture of Carlson’s face sitting atop an American flag. Both were set on fire.

WARNING: The following video contains images that some viewers may find offensive.

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Carlson issued the perfect response to the video.

Townhall’s Julio Rosas, who routinely appears on the network in leftist hotspots for violence, shared the Fox News host’s one-sentence comment:

“I’m proud to be burned with the flag.”

Indeed, Carlson’s image was in good company right before it was set on fire by the same people he routinely cautions are unhinged. Hating Carlson while also hating the country he loves means he’s become synonymous with American values.

His opponents, meanwhile, continue to show themselves to be the violent mob he and others say they are. The unruly mob doesn’t want to talk, it only seeks to destroy.

If these people were hoping to diminish the Fox News host by setting his picture on fire along with Old Glory, they failed. All they demonstrated is that the highest-rated person on cable news lives rent-free in their heads — and that he’s right about them.

The left has lost the desire to even engage in debate anymore. The Democratic Party has lost its collective mind.

Just take one look at where this disgraceful display took place. New York City looked like Tehran on Wednesday.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, nobody did anything to stop it.

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