Tucker Carlson's Enemy at Fox News Crashing and Burning Without Him: Report


Fox Nation, a thorn in the side of Tucker Carlson and perhaps his biggest enemy at Fox News, may be headed the way of the ill-fated streaming platform CNN+ in his absence.

A leaked video in the aftermath of Carlson’s ouster at Fox showed he was not a fan of the platform.

“I don’t want to be a slave to Fox Nation, which I don’t think that people watch anyway,” Carlson said in the clip. “Nobody watches Fox Nation because the site sucks. … It’s hard to use that site. I don’t know why they’re not fixing it. It’s driving me insane.”

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If few people were using Fox Nation at the time Carlson made those comments from behind a Fox News desk, even fewer are using it now.

Fox Nation is reportedly struggling mightily now that Carlson is no longer producing content for the paid subscription service.

In fact, The Daily Beast claimed on Monday that the platform is almost dead.

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“Fox Nation is basically over without Tucker,” a person described as a “network insider” told the outlet.

The person added, “They’re not shutting it down, and probably never will, but they’re really cutting it back.”

Carlson produced three long-form interviews per week for Fox Nation and also put together occasional specials. In the leaked video, he said Fox was “betraying” him and his staff by failing to improve the service.

“We’re, like, working like animals to produce all this content and the people in charge of it … they’re ignoring the fact that the site doesn’t work. And I think it’s like a betrayal of our efforts. That’s how I feel. So I — of course I resent it,” he said.

Unlike ratings, Fox Nation’s subscription numbers are kept under wraps.

But Fox’s ratings went down and stayed down after Carlson was booted by the network, so it stands to reason that the streaming platform has also taken a hit.

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In a statement to The Western Journal, a Fox News representative said, “Once again, the Daily Beast’s reporting on FOX News is wildly inaccurate which is probably the reason why they’re a money losing business.

“There is no scaling back at FOX Nation — we just had our best year ever with more programming, viewers and revenue and one of the highest conversion/lowest churn rates in the industry.”

Fox Nation probably did just wrap up its most successful year ever. But that was with Carlson on the air and producing quality content on the side.

Last year was last year.

Three months into Fox’s post-Carlson reality, it would simply defy logic to assume Fox Nation is doing just fine without him on the roster.

UPDATE, June 28, 2023: This article has been updated to include a statement Fox News provided to The Western Journal.

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