Tucker Nails It, Gives New Name for Liberals' "Gun Control"


Fox News host Tucker Carlson is ticked off, and for good reason.

He understands the gun control game leftists try to play every single time there’s a shooting event, and he’s sick and tired of it.

On Thursday, Carlson responded to calls for gun control following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and said what they really are: calls for people control.

“Let’s stop lying about this,” he said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“The calls we are hearing today for gun control have nothing to do with protecting Americans from violence. What you’re witnessing is a kind of class war,” Carlson continued.

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“The left hates rural America, red America, gun-owning America, the America that elected Donald Trump. They hate them. Progressives are still in charge of most of the major institutions in this country, and they despise the autonomy of an armed population.

“They want collective punishment for the sins of a few. They seek to obliterate a core constitutional right rather than trying to mitigate its downsides.”

Do you think leftists have a "people-control" agenda?

And then he slammed his argument home.

“They call it gun control, but it’s not. It’s people control. For the left, voters who can’t be controlled, can’t be trusted.”

Watch the monologue below. The “people control” comments begin around the 4:00 minute mark.

Liberals might read or hear a rant like that and claim that Carlson is some sort of conspiracy theorist. To that, I offer this:

It is an undeniable fact that after every shooting, there are liberals calling for gun control. But they do more than that.

What they do is express their opinions, backed up by “facts” that are completely made up, and state that if you disagree with them you might as well not ever speak to them again because you hate children and aren’t a valid person.

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That’s not an attempt at gun control. That’s an attempt at people control.

“This is the truth and if you disagree you aren’t worthy of being considered a person” is totalitarian speech. Totalitarians are, by necessity, all about people control.

Tucker Carlson’s words need to be spread everywhere we can because we are in the middle of a cultural war for our very survival and Carlson gets it.

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