Watch Tucker Segment Showing Off Walls Around the World that Democrats Actually Support


When the facts don’t support an agenda, tug at the heartstrings, or better yet, shame those who are against the propaganda. That seems to be the left’s playbook, particularly when it comes to the border wall battle.

One of the latest arguments against funding for the wall, something Democrats have previously supported both for the United States and elsewhere, is that the wall is immoral. Forget that many of them have walls around their own homes. They are seemingly above the rules they place on everyone else.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson featured their raging hypocrisy about the immorality of walls during a segment of his show. He pointed out a number of walls around the globe that apparently pass the left’s “morality” test.

Making the list of “moral” walls are the border barriers located in both Tunisia and Jordan. Apparently, those are OK because the Democrats voted to fund them.

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Also on the list is Israel. Carlson said that the Democrats won’t criticize its walls, so it must be moral to them.

Do you believe walls are immoral?

Then he talked about Pakistan’s wall along the border with Afghanistan. The purpose of it is to help prevent illegal immigration, terrorism and drug smuggling. Sound familiar?

But while such a motive is apparently “immoral” for the United States, the Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with it for Pakistan. They have continued to send Pakistan foreign aid.

Even Denmark’s wall along its border with Germany is apparently moral. It is only meant to keep out pigs, so maybe that is why it is OK.

Not mentioned by Carlson, but often pointed out on social media, is the wall in place around the Vatican. Of course, the pope’s hypocrisy about the wall issue has been pointed out on social media, too.

And the list from Carlson didn’t stop there. During the segment, Carlson mentioned the work of The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson, who physically visited the walls Trump’s critics have around their homes.

On the list were such celebrities as comedian Chelsea Handler, NBA star LeBron James, and the “Meathead” himself, actor and director Rob Reiner. Johnson’s video packs quite the punch when it comes to pointing out their hypocrisy.

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TPUSA’s founder and director Charlie Kirk has also taken aim at the hypocrites. He listed multiple examples in a tweet.

But, as Carlson noted in his show, apparently some walls are “moral.” It’s just the one that Trump wants to build and add to that is not. According to the left.

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