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Two Kids Outside for Punishment Hear Neighbor's Cry for Help, Find Him Trapped Under Jeep


What are the consequences of misbehavior? When you’re an adult, it’s people judging you and changing their perception of you. As an adult human being, you’re expected to have worked out such things when you were a child, and if you haven’t, you’ll be considered immature.

Kids are often fighting, bickering and running to parents when they feel their rights have been infringed by a sibling, but the consequences are different. Those deemed to be in the wrong are often meted discipline of some sort, whether that’s time out, a swift swat or loss of a privilege.

These days, one of the easiest, most automatic and most deeply felt consequences is having a phone, Xbox or other electronic device taken away. So that’s what mom Kristin Spitler did when her two kids misbehaved.

“Friday night, we went to IHOP, because you know kids eat free after 6, and they were just acting out and wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t sit still and wouldn’t just stop fighting, bickering,” she told KOKH.

“So, I said for the rest of the weekend, you’re not allowed to have any electronics. You’re playing outside and that’s it. And that’s the reason they were outside.”

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While her 9-year-old and 7-year-old were probably pretty unhappy with the situation, they headed outside Saturday morning when they had no other amusement indoors. As they were playing, they heard shouts.

The brother and sister, Josh and Emma, went to investigate the source of the screams for help, and realized it was coming from their neighbor’s yard.

“We were playing a game and we heard him yelling for help,” Josh said. “And we peeked over the fence, but we didn’t see him. And we both were very scared.”

Knowing that they couldn’t deal with this situation alone, they both went scrambling for the person who could: Mom.

“Just having a typical Saturday morning, and they came running in, just screaming and yelling the neighbor broke his arm,” Spitler said.

When she went over to check on him, she could only see his legs and realized he’d been pinned underneath his Jeep in his driveway. He told her to call 911 and get the woman inside the house.

“She had never met me before,” Spitler said of the woman. “I had never met her, but we went outside, we tried to use a jack to get it off.”

They were unable to move the vehicle that had collapsed on him, but help soon arrived and had to use jaws of life to free the poor man. He was airlifted to the hospital, but was able to return home the same day.

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“It was just a complete and total miracle,” Spitler said.

Neither Spitler nor the woman at the neighbor’s house had heard his cries for help, so it’s possible that he could have died there.

Thanks to these two kids, he’s now recovering — and all because the kids’ electronics were taken away.

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