TX State Trooper Getting Death Threats After Shaun King Pushed Fake News Story


What happens when calm investigations of facts and a presumption of innocence are replaced by a torch-carrying “social justice” mob?

One state trooper in Texas just found out, and his story should be a terrifying wake-up call.

A career law enforcement officer named Jarrod K. Hubbard is now facing death threats and has had to shield his family under protection from the Texas Rangers, all because a leftist “social justice warrior” put outrage ahead of the truth.

The problem started when a black woman named Sherita Dixon-Cole accused a completely different trooper of kidnapping and raping her during a traffic stop. That officer’s last name was also Hubbard, but he has no connection to Jarrod K. Hubbard.

Instead of waiting to have all the facts, however, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King sicked the liberal mob on “Officer Hubbard,” without bothering to even check if it was the right man.

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It must be pointed out that even the officer accused of the dramatic sexual assault, Daniel Hubbard, has been exonerated of any wrongdoing.

After King and others openly accused him of a racially-charged attack on a woman, his department released the body cam footage of the incident… and sure enough, Dixon-Cole apparently fabricated the entire story. It was all a disturbing lie.

It was too late, if it ever would have made a difference at all. A horde of social justice warriors led by King shared Jarrod K. Hubbard’s name and photograph online, triggering death threats.

Should Shaun King be held responsible for pushing a false story?

Then they started going after his family.

“His picture was the first thing that came up,” stated Hubbard’s father, who also worked in law enforcement.

“One person posted on Twitter my name and date of birth, my wife’s name and date of birth and my son’s name and date of birth,” the relative continued.

Threats became so bad that a special protective detail had to be deployed to safeguard Jarrod K. Hubbard and his family — even though he had absolutely nothing to do with the original incident, which was proven to be a hoax anyway.

“Hubbard, 37, who’s been with the force for 13 years, was placed under protection of the Texas Rangers on Monday, his father said,” Fox News reported.

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“Jarrod Hubbard also was forced to deactivate his Facebook account in order to stop the death threats from coming in; however, he said his aggressors found another way,” that outlet continued.

Not content with harassing an innocent man and his family on social media, the liberal mob took things to an even more disturbing level.

Hubbard received a kidney transplant three years ago. Rampaging activists found a well-meaning crowdfunding page previously set up to assist the trooper with medical expenses, and began using it to verbally attack his family.

“According to Kay Hubbard, Jarrod’s mother, she was still receiving hateful messages Wednesday night, even after Daniel Hubbard was named and cleared by DPS,” stated Fox.

Hubbard is now taking legal action against King and other far-left activists for the fallout of their actions. “We’re going after them,” the trooper’s father declared.

This is a powerful example of what is wrong with so-called “social justice” and its connected movements, including “MeToo” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Social justice is simply code for mob justice, and that has no place in a free and fair society.

There’s a reason we adhere to principles like innocent until proven guilty and burden of proof: If we are not cautious about requiring evidence and following a careful process of justice, one false accusation can spark death threats and even riots against innocent people.

America used to take pride in a system where Lady Justice was blindfolded, and weighted facts instead of emotional outbursts. The left seems to want to replace this with an ignorant crowd carrying pitchforks — and unless citizens stand up and stop it, that will be exactly what we get.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.