Typical Libs: Teachers Union Says School Police Are an Example of White Supremacy, Wants Them Gone


The American left, by and large, has told us for decades that the Second Amendment is a menace to society.

Many of those same people have also squawked that the only people who need to possess firearms are police officers.

In recent weeks, the national conversation is trending in the direction that all police officers are inherently biased against minorities and must be defunded, disbanded and essentially disarmed.

That has now widened to include the officers whose job it is to protect schoolchildren.

If you find it difficult to keep up with the increasingly unstable logic following the events since the May 25 death of George Floyd while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department, you’re not alone.

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Progressive Democrats have cornered the market on cognitive dissonance, especially in California.

What is truly troubling, though, is that many of these folks in the Golden State are not found in straight jackets or yoga studios, they are influencing policy decisions by proposing nonsensical ideas.

One of those ideas is to eliminate the Los Angeles School Police Department from protecting the city’s schools by pulling the funds appropriated for them to defend children from gun and other violence.

A school union proposal to remove those officers from campuses in the city has a lot of support, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Do you think police officers should be removed from schools?

“We have to dismantle white supremacy. We must … defund the police and bring in the mental health services that our students need,” Cecily Myart-Cruz, the incoming president of the United Teachers Los Angeles union, told the Times.

In a tweet Tuesday, Myart-Cruz pointed to similar action by the Seattle teachers union.

The Times said the union represents roughly 30,000 teachers and other staff members employed by the LA school district, and they want school resource officers gone from the campuses of city schools.

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Their answer to preventing violence on campuses, including school shootings, apparently is to replace those officers with 800 mental health experts.

How those new counselors will react if, God forbid, bullets start flying in classrooms has not been answered.

Still, the UTLA is floating the idea of removing the highly trained officers out of schools after meeting with local members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Naturally, the union that represents the city’s school resource officers is pushing back.

Gil Gamez, president of the LA School Police Officers Association, told The Times that the officers are armed with much more than firearms and a desire to impose white supremacy on students.

Many of these officers are not white.

“We are trained different. We have a vested interest … we had restorative justice [training], our police officers come from the communities they serve,” Gamez told the paper.

“To see us be demonized and ostracized, I don’t get it,” he said.

School resource officers have become more and more common in American schools in recent decades. In addition to protecting children, they are specifically trained in how to handle adolescent behavior — which can be chaotic.

But knee-jerk reactions from adults seem to be prevailing as the country seeks answers to what many are calling a pattern of nationwide systemic racism.

And at least in Los Angeles, the security of children might soon be sacrificed in order to appease those with apparent political motivations.

The UTLA board of directors voted 35-2 to begin the process of expelling school officers.

The left is now apparently ready and willing to sacrifice the safety of schoolchildren by replacing common-sense security measures — 400 highly trained and vetted officers — with yet-to-be-determined “woke” alternatives.

Many on the left have talked about the need to protect children from school violence for decades.

Even the anti-gun advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety touts school officers as essential for the safety of children.

The group says on its website that “empowering teachers and law enforcement to intervene when students show signs they could be a danger to themselves or others” is essential to protecting children.

Outlandish ideas and political rhetoric are increasingly replacing rational thought as the country reels from the crises of a foreign pandemic, an apparent overreaction to it and now civil unrest.

The left is abandoning its principles to appease those who have charged the entire American criminal justice system — and, indeed, all non-minority Americans — with George Floyd’s death.

Those in Los Angeles are now willing to use children as guinea pigs for their radical ideas about school safety.

If police officers are forced out of schools, a deterrent for those who wish to prey on the vulnerable will go out with them.

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