UFC Legend Has Powerful 3-Word Message for Trump While Surprising 45 in Miami


Retired UFC star Jorge Masvidal praised former President Donald Trump as a “champ” during 45’s impromptu stop at an iconic Cuban bakery in Miami shortly after he pleaded not guilty to 37 felony counts related to his alleged mishandling of classified documents.

As the two greeted each other at the Versailles Bakery on Tuesday, the former president said of Masvidal: “He’s a champion, right here.”

The mixed-martial arts fighter pointed at Trump and replied, “You’re the champ.”

Supporters of the former president crowded around the duo and shouted encouraging messages.

One woman yelled, “Cubans for Trump!”

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Another woman called out, “Keep fighting!”

One man chimed in, “Keep fighting, sir!”

Customers at the Versailles Bakery — a popular hangout among Miami’s large Cuban-American community — applauded Trump and took photos.

At one point, the rowdy crowd serenaded the former president, singing “Happy birthday.”

Trump celebrates his 77th birthday on Wednesday.

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On Tuesday night, Masvidal tweeted a photo of himself with the 2024 presidential candidate and wrote, “We got your back.”

Like many prominent MMA figures, Masvidal is a vocal Trump supporter.

When Masvidal retired in April, the 45th president attended his final match, as did Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

During a post-match interview with podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan, Masvidal pointed to Trump and called him “the greatest president in the history of the world.”

Are you a fan of Jorge Masvidal?

“I love that guy!” he gushed.

The MMA star also hailed DeSantis — Trump’s chief rival in the 2024 presidential primary race — as the “greatest governor of all time.”

In March 2022, Masvidal’s rival, Colby Covington, also praised Trump as the “greatest president in history.”

“Mr. 45, President Trump — greatest living American and greatest president in history, man,” Covington said after defeating Masvidal.

“The things [Trump] did for this country … All you liberals out there that say he didn’t, look at inflation, look at our open borders,” Covington said.

“Our f***ing country’s going to s*** right now without him. So we need him back in 2024. Trump 2024! And you know he’s going to come back and make America great again.”

UFC President Dana White is also a longtime Trump supporter.

While the legacy media and the political establishment have targeted Trump nonstop ever since he entered politics, it’s no surprise the indictments have done little to erode support among his base, most of whom believe the charges are bogus.

By escalating their attacks, the former president’s enemies risk turning him into a martyr — and this could backfire bigly on them.

Besides, even if Trump were convicted of all the charges against him, it would not prevent him from running for president. And if he wins, he could just pardon himself.

In the meantime, the dwindling credibility of the Justice Department and our intelligence agencies will decay further — if that’s even possible at this point.

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