Unemployed Mother Has a Message for Nancy Pelosi About the 'Crumbs' She's Getting from Tax Reform


In sharp contrast to what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi believes, one average American couple revealed how much money they are saving from GOP tax cuts — the amount being much more than just “crumbs.”

Appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Connecticut couple Lee and Shirleyann Duprey shared a personal story Sunday of how recent tax reforms have helped them.

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“It’s a little over $49 a week,” Lee said when asked specifically how much he was saving. Every little bit helps his family’s income, especially given that he lives in a high-tax state nestled in New England.

“Well, as we all know, we’re one of the higher tax states,” Lee explained. “Last fall, I had cancer surgery so I’m a cancer survivor. I have medical bills to pay so every little bit makes a huge difference.”

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Adding that she counts every dollar saved, Lee’s wife was appreciative of the people who made it all possible — particularly President Donald Trump.

“I’ve always enjoyed any dollar amount increase in his paycheck, so … I said, ‘Thanks Trump’ and ‘Thanks Republicans.’ We’ll take it.”

Like so many struggling Americans, Shirleyann is unemployed and currently looking for work. The job search has been tough, but she has seen an uptick in employers looking for talent.

She claims her interview requests have shot up in conjunction with the passage of tax reforms, a clear indication that reforms have prompted U.S. companies to boost hiring.

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“A week after (President Trump) signed (tax reform), I got my first in-person interview and then two weeks ago, I got three in one week,” she said.

“I’ve actually been able to apply to several jobs just this past week. There’s been definitely more jobs available.”

In comparison to the rest of the country, Connecticut has not witnessed a strong comeback since the Great Recession. The state, led by Democrat Gov. Dan Malloy and a Democrat-controlled legislature, experienced anemic economic growth last year.

Connecticut added only 7,700 jobs over the course of 2017, according to the New Haven Register. The state’s unemployment rate stood at 4.6 percent in December, higher than the overall U.S. unemployment rate of 4.1 percent.

Outgoing Gov. Malloy remains deeply unpopular with his constituents. In fact, a Morning Consult survey reveals him to be most unpopular sitting governor in the U.S., touting an approval rating of 23 percent.

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The money saved in slow-growth Connecticut has helped Shirleyann’s family by leaps and bounds.

“We’re savers,” she said of what she is doing with the extra dollars. “We tend to save and we tend to pay down debt. It doesn’t just affect us. … We can help our children a little bit more — and grandchildren. It kind of spreads out for us in all different directions.”

Not wanting to admit the benefits of the GOP-led tax cuts, Pelosi, a wealthy California Democrat, referred to the money saved by average Americans as “crumbs.”

Her comment, which was in response to a spree of employee bonuses and raises, has since been widely derided by Republicans and many in the media.

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