US Border Patrol 'Nazis' Rescue 57 Illegal Smugglers Left for Dead


At a time when radical leftists are likening United States Border Patrol agents to Nazis and encouraging harassment and intimidation against them, the Border Patrol continues to show their commitment to enforcing the law and in the process, saving the lives of those crossing the border illegally.

As Border Patrol spokesman Chris Cabrera told CNN, “Nobody saves more lives along the southwestern border than the U.S. Border patrol.”

On Friday, Border Patrol agents rescued 57 Central American migrants left for dead on the Arizona-Mexico border by their cartel smugglers.

The group of men, women and children — including an underage pregnant girl and a toddler — were rescued from the 108-degree desert by the Border Patrol after someone called Mexican authorities for help.

“Regardless of the unscrupulous and ill regard for human life attitude by smugglers, Border Patrol Agents work tirelessly to ensure not only the safety and security of our nation but also the safety of those who they come in contact with,” Customs and Border Patrol said in a statement on their website.

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And they came just in the nick of time.

“Several of the migrants were given fluids to treat dehydration, and the pregnant female was given intravenous fluids by Border Patrol EMT’s and transported to a hospital for further treatment. The rest of the group was transported to Ajo station for processing,” The Daily Caller reported.

According to Customs and Border Patrol, the stranded migrants were from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Do you think we need to support our Border Patrol agents?

Thirty-seven of the migrants were underage and many were traveling without a parent or guardian.

The mainstream media refuses to give airtime to stories like these.


Because it highlights the fact that illegal immigration is dangerous — not just for American citizens, but for immigrants themselves.

“If you’ve seen some of the stuff we’ve seen, you’d understand how important it is to have a tough stance to divert people from coming here,” Border Patrol agent Cabrera told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

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“When you see a 12-year-old girl with a plan B pill, her parents put her on birth control because they know getting violated is part of the journey, that’s a terrible way to live. When you see a 4-year-old girl traveling alone with just her parents phone number written across her shirt. We had a 9-year-old boy have heat stroke in front of us and die with no family around. That’s because we’re allowing people to take advantage of this system.”

It also shows that unlike leftists and the media would like you to think, Border Patrol agents are caring men and women who are simply doing their job — an important job at that.

“Most of our agents are parents. I’ve seen guys and I’ve done it myself, you give your last bottle of water to a kid, you’ll take a toy out of your car to give to one of these kids because you know the situation they’re in,” Caberera said. “Agents are very sympathetic. We’re human, we’re fathers, we have families. We do a lot for the communities here, whether or not a camera is involved. Our agents are very involved.”

“And nobody saves more lives along the southwestern border than the U.S. Border patrol.”

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