US Defense Contractor Goes Full Communist, Also Calls for Employees to 'Defund the Police': Report


Raytheon Technologies Corporation, one of the country’s largest defense contractors and a frequent target for the left, has reportedly adopted leftist critical race theory teachings for its employees.

The company has apparently begun a campaign for “anti-racism” focused not on equality, but “equity,” while also asking employees to identify their personal “privilege” based on their skin color, age, sexual orientation and religion.

In other words, the company labeled a war profiteer for years by leftists has embraced leftism — including the defunding of police departments in this country.

The documents are reportedly internal training materials from within Raytheon and are from the summer of 2020, when the company went all-in on the politics of race and division. They were shared online in a Twitter thread by filmmaker and political activist Christopher F. Rufo.

A document obtained by Rufo touts a guide to being “stronger together,” while another one is billed as a “commitment to diversity and inclusion” which “takes all of us.”

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“Raytheon, the nation’s second-largest defense contractor, has launched a critical race theory program that encourages white employees to confront their ‘privilege,’ reject the principle of ‘equality,’ and ‘defund the police,’” Rufo tweeted.

“Last summer, Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes launched the Stronger Together campaign instructing employees on ‘becoming an anti-racist today.’ He signed a corporate diversity statement and then asked all Raytheon employees to sign the pledge and ‘check [their] own biases,’” Rufo continued.

Have you ever been exposed to critical race theory at work or somewhere else?

The racist documents show Raytheon allegedly asked its white employees to “deconstruct their identities” and to instead “identify privilege.”

The bizarre memo further made the case that “white, straight, Christian men are at the top of the oppression hierarchy — and must work on ‘recognizing [their] privilege’ and ‘step aside’ for minorities,” Rufo said.

Anti-racism sounds a lot like racism. But there’s much more from these alleged communists.

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Per Rufo, Raytheon wanted its workers to “identify everyone’s race” while engaged in casual office conversations. Those conversations instructed white employees to “listen to the experiences” of those said to have “marginalized identities.”

Raytheon reportedly went as far as to urge those white worker bees to shut up and listen when their minority colleagues were speaking. Per the defense contractor, white workers should “give [those with such identities] the floor in meetings or on calls, even if it means silencing yourself.”

They were also allegedly asked to refrain from praying for change, as their respective levels of discomfort could never match those of supposedly oppressed minorities. Such people, according to the racist literature, are “exhausted, mentally drained, frustrated, stressed, barely sleeping, scared and overwhelmed.”

What a broad assumption. But is Raytheon’s goal equality? Of course not. That would be racist.

“Next, Raytheon explicitly instructs employees to oppose ‘equality,’ defined as ‘treating each person the same … regardless of their differences,’ and strive instead for ‘equity,’ which ‘focuses on the equality of the outcome,’” Rufo tweeted.

“In America, if you are white or Christian or able-bodied or straight or English-speaking, these particular identities are easy to forget,” the company material allegedly said. “This is called ‘ordinary privilege’ because these identities and traits easily blend in with the people and norms around us.”

Rufo concluded by noting that a company that makes money from endless wars and human misery asked its white employees to embrace “defund the police,” to “participate in reparations” and to “decolonize” their personal literature.

Raytheon has of course cashed in big over the years by rebuilding nations such as Iraq, and been  criticized for it, amid endless wars supported by Washington’s ruling uni-party, which includes RINO lawmakers as well as many Democrats.

Despite facing relentless criticism from the extreme left here at home while making money abroad, Raytheon has reportedly joined the neo-Marxist left with regard to approaching human resources.

It appears as though the executives of a company frequently labeled a soulless profiteer from war has no issue with those wars, just as long as those sending out invoices on their behalf are aware of their privilege.

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