USA Today Columnist Suggests Burying 'The 500,000 COVID Dead at Mar-a-Lago'


The left truly doesn’t realize how disgusting some of its pundits are.

USA Today opinion columnist Jason Sattler has a “hot take” in light of the United States having passed the grim milestone of 500,000 deaths due to COVID-19: “Let’s bury the dead at Mar-a-Lago.”

“A just monument to the Trump presidency: Bury the 500,000 COVID dead at Mar-a-Lago,” the column’s headline reads.

The move, which he called a “small measure of justice,” has “an obvious historical precedent,” according to Sattler.

The columnist went on to describe this “obvious” precedent in the form of Arlington National Cemetery, where the United States’ fallen soldiers have been buried since the Civil War.

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“Arlington, the former home of Robert E. Lee that is now Arlington National Cemetery, became a final resting place for Union soldiers in the spring 1864 — after 82,000 soldiers died in one month of fighting,” Sattler wrote. “Who could argue this wasn’t a just punishment?”

He is correct; the Union took the Lee family estate in 1861 following Virginia’s vote to secede from the United States. Thousands of troops crossed the Potomac and arrived on the Lee estate the next day.

However, Sattler’s comparison of Robert E. Lee and former President Donald Trump is shaky at best.

“Lee’s treachery was obvious,” Sattler wrote. “Trump’s crimes against his country, however, are far more devious, and continue as he remains dedicated to undermining our democracy. The ex-president tried to refuse to give up his power, even after he was defeated in a fair election.”

Do you think many leftists would support this idea?

The columnist very clearly tried to paint Trump as an evil man, writing that he attempted to undermine American democracy, rather than question the integrity of the election — which was apparently OK when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

Sattler explained that Trump’s “incitement against Congress” is inseparable from his “monstrous approach to the pandemic.”

“Instead of embracing the basic safety measures his own government advised, Trump actively took steps that spread the virus, endangering millions and costing one member of the Secret Service part of his leg,” the columnist claimed.

The phrase “actively took steps” implies that Trump, for one reason or another, consciously decided to spread the coronavirus, intentionally endangering millions. This simply isn’t true.

Trump should have taken the coronavirus more seriously, but it’s an inconsistent and frankly false sentiment to assert that he willingly tried to infect his followers with the virus.

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Sattler doubled down on this point, writing, “It’s hard to call Trump’s failures when it came to addressing the pandemic ‘failures,’ since most were intentional.”

The left’s hatred is exceptionally disgusting. What’s even more disgusting, though, is that Sattler and likely many who fall in line with him would actually suggest burying coronavirus casualties at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

The columnist attempted to directly pin coronavirus deaths on Trump, claiming a Lancet Commission study asserted that 40 percent of coronavirus deaths could have been prevented if not for Trump’s “inept and insufficient” coronavirus response.

However, it’s important to remember that Trump ceded control of the coronavirus pandemic to the governors following backlash to his initial response.

Sattler argued that we should “follow the example the Union set with Arlington.” But this argument is nonsensical.

If the coronavirus victims who died under Trump should be buried at Mar-a-Lago, should those who die under President Joe Biden be buried in Greenville, Delaware?

Going even further back, should those who died due to the SARS outbreak be buried at George W. Bush’s Prairie Chapel Ranch residence?

In any other situation, it would be impossible to believe USA Today would publish as disgusting, insensitive and insane a piece as Sattler’s, but this is what happens when the left goes unchecked.

Leftists make these statements simply because they’re able to, not wondering whether they should in the first place.

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