Users Discover Google's AI Tool Has Hit a New Level of Wokeness: Has Begun Erasing White People from History


You’d think Big Tech would be content with the power they have to influence elections and indoctrinate unwitting children into woke ideology, but with the recent explosion of AI technology, it seems Big Tech is just getting started.

As users of Google’s newly updated AI Gemini are quickly finding out, Big Tech doesn’t just want to demonize white people, they want to erase them from history altogether.

As reported Wednesday in The Babylon Bee’s news site Not the Bee, Google’s recent update to their Gemini AI tool seems to have issues generating any sort of image that should, at least from a historical perspective, include exclusively white people — especially white men.

While its capabilities are undoubtedly impressive (able to summarize whole videos and books on command), when using the image generation tools, users are finding that almost any prompt, no matter how specific, will produce a response that adheres rigidly to the woke standards of “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Several folks took to X (formerly Twitter) to demonstrate the, at times, hilariously diverse results they received from Gemini.

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One user’s request for a picture of a pope resulted in an Indian woman and an African man in papal garb, while an attempt to receive images of an American woman returned only pictures of black women.

After receiving a picture of a group of black women, one user asked Gemini to generate a picture of a group of white women, only to be told by Gemini, “I am unable to fulfill requests that are discriminatory or promote the exclusion or marginalization of specific groups of people.”

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Even attempts to generate a picture of a white man without specifically asking for one results in images like an Asian founding father, or a black Viking.

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Jonathon Pageau even tried to inform the AI of the historical inaccuracy of generating ancient Roman couples who are white and African, but multiple attempts only resulted in continuing to receive this inaccurate kind of pictures.

Now, does this evidence necessarily indicate that these AI generators are consciously aligned with the woke ideology and are maliciously refusing to generate more accurate pictures (or at least, ones that include white men)?

Not necessarily. As one user explained, “Actual AI expert here who has worked with this kind of technology for the last 7 years. I think you are ascribing too much intention to this situation. Models like this are not built to generate material in a historically accurate (or accurate in general) way.”

That said, it appears Google and its engineers have clearly programmed their own biases and adherence to the DEI cult in their AI image generator — otherwise, why would generating a photo of black or Asian women be perfectly within its parameters, while a photo of white women is considered “discriminatory”?

The liberal leanings of the Gemini AI image generator are just a little too prevalent to be completely accidental.

This whole issue might seem like a silly thing on the face of it, but its implications are huge.

AI will have more and more of a role in people’s everyday lives as time goes on and the technology improves, whether we like it or not.

If this level of bias is baked into the technology at this point, it could lead to some massive revisionist history (more so than we already have, anyway).

Right now, it’s easy to spot the blatant inaccuracies of Gemini AI’s images, but this won’t always be the case.

Our history is important, and we don’t need Big Tech editing it to make it more palatable for the woke hegemony.

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