Video: Biden Appears to Consult Notecards to Find Out What's in EO He's About to Sign


President Joe Biden had to consult his notecards before describing the second of two executive orders he was about to sign Thursday in the Oval Office.

Biden, who by every indication will spend his presidency signing orders which were typed by people not named Joe Biden, began with a brief commentary prior to signing the orders.

Naturally, the 78-year-old wasn’t wearing a mask, which he mandated by an executive order last week for everyone on federal property, though Biden tried to explain away the mandate non-compliance.

“Since we are socially distanced, I think I can take my mask off to make this very brief announcement,” he began. “I know that you’ve been briefed by the health care team about what this is about. And there is an easy and quick way for us to describe this.”

Biden then got down to business, and prepared to put his signature on orders which he made sure to attack his predecessor over.

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“It’s been a busy week, and I’ve signed executive orders tackling COVID-19, the economic and climate crises, as well as advancing racial equity. But, today, I’m about to sign two executive orders that are — basically, the best way to describe them, to undo the damage Trump has done,” he said.

“There’s nothing new that we’re doing here, other than restoring the Affordable Care Act and restoring the Medicaid to the way it was before Trump became president, which by fiat he changed — made more inaccessible, more expensive and more difficult for people to qualify for either of those two items: the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid,” he continued.

Biden then appeared to have to consult some notes so as to remember what was in the second order.

Watch at about the 0:35 mark for the note consultation:

“And the second — the second order I’m going to be signing also changes what the president has done — the president — the president — what the former president has done. And it — a memorandum reversed the — my predecessor’s attack on women’s health — (coughs) — excuse me — health access. And as we continue to battle COVID-19, it’s even more critical that Americans have meaningful access to health care,” Biden then uttered.

If those quotations from Biden seem exaggerated, they most certainly are not. They were pulled, verbatim, from the White House transcript regarding the executive order signing event.

Biden fumbled around the Oval Office desk, coughed while ignoring his own mask mandate and then signed the order — the contents of which he apparently needed notecards to remember.

Would he have been able to function without those cards? That isn’t clear, but the establishment media continues to continue on as if this is all normal.

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The country, meanwhile, is back to where it was last year during the campaign: wondering if Biden has the mental acuity to be president, even as he signs documents which in some cases immediately cost people their jobs.

Biden even referred to former President Donald Trump three times in a matter of seconds as “the president.”

Does Biden know he’s president? Has he been briefed about the gravity of the words in the documents he is now signing at a record pace? The answers to those questions also aren’t clear.

But what is clear is that this man now has the keys to the most powerful economic engine on the planet, as well as the nuclear launch codes.

Forget about Putin. Let’s all hope he doesn’t call up Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and start a war over the situation down in Cuba.

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