Conservative's Video on Top 5 Issues Facing Blacks Will Get Nuked From YouTube


What are the major issues facing black Americans?

If you listen to the left, they would no doubt answer by smearing the entire country as racist, calling police officers evil, and declaring that more government is the solution to everything… but one outspoken black conservative has a very different take.

Taleeb Starkes is the author of “Black Lies Matter” and other books that tear down many of the false narratives being repeated by liberals about African-Americans.

Not long ago, the commentator explained his “Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans” in a video for Prager University — and based on YouTube’s past censorship of divergent conservative voices and Prager in particular, it wouldn’t be surprising if Starkes’ video ends up buried sooner rather than later.

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“What are the five biggest issues facing blacks in America?” Starkes began. “Here’s my list. Problem number five: The victim mentality.”

“Nothing holds someone back more than seeing himself as a victim,” the pundit explained. “Why? Because the victim is not responsible for his situation. Everything is someone else’s fault and the victim sees little chance of improving his life.”

Starkes pointed out that the blame-everyone-else attitude that has sadly taken over black culture and almost all of liberalism is holding back good people and ruining lives.

“All this makes the ‘victim’ unhappy, frustrated and angry. This is how too many blacks see themselves as victims, so much so that their victim status becomes their primary identity and their ruling ideology.”

Do you agree with this author's list of problems?

It’s easy to find examples of what he’s saying. Perhaps the biggest is the current trend of blaming “white privilege” for everything from financial success to good school grades and lower arrest rates; instead of aspiring to similar success, a frustrating number of minorities declare that they can’t get ahead and simply never try.

The narrative is easy to disprove. Many “people of color” are actually doing incredibly well. Filipinos and Indian minorities, for instance, earn among the highest average salaries of all Americans, yet “white privilege” is constantly used to wave away black economic struggles.

“Problem number four: Lack of diversity,” Taleeb Starkes continued, putting a spin on a common liberal talking point.

“Blacks repeatedly demand an honest dialogue or debate about race, but how can there ever be an honest dialogue about race between blacks and whites when there is virtually no honest dialogue between blacks and blacks?” he asked.

“If a black doesn’t think whites are ultimately responsible for black people’s problems, they’re labeled a sellout Uncle Tom or race trader,” Starkes pointed out.

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“As long as this type of groupthink exists, race reverence of the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson type will continue to be celebrated, while independent black thinkers such as professors Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams will be shunned.”

The conservative pundit explained that true diversity must include diversity of thought, and the left must stop attacking any black American who doesn’t repeat Democrat narratives.

“We demand diversity from others but need to practice it ourselves where it really matters: In thought, opinion, and even political affiliation,” he said.

“Problem number three: Urban terrorism,” Starkes continued.

“As just about everyone knows but too few talk about publicly, in a majority of black cities, violent black on black crime is rampant,” he said.

“A Department of Justice study from 1980 through 2008 revealed that blacks accounted for almost half of the nation’s homicide victims, 47.4 percent, and more than half of the offenders,” the conservative stated. “All while being 13 percent of America’s population.”

In other words, Starkes confirmed something that liberals and the Black Lives Matter crowd refuse to acknowledge: There is a problem with blacks being killed, but not by white police officers. In fact, the largest problem is from within the black community itself.

What is one of the biggest reasons for black crime? Starkes believes he knows.

“Problem number two: Proliferation of ‘baby mamas,'” Taleeb Starkes said.

“The disintegration of the nuclear family has led to an astronomical increase of single mother households,” Starkes commented about the welfare state.

“According to the Moynihan report in 1965, nearly 25 percent of black children were born to unwed mothers,” the conservative pointed out. “The reports author Daniel Patrick Moynihan said this was a disaster in the making. He was of course vilified by so-called black leaders and their progressive allies, but he was right.”

“Today the out of wedlock birth rate is nearly 75 percent and even higher in some urban areas,” he stated.

What do all these issues have in common? According to Starkes, they’re all linked.

“Problem number one: Unquestioning allegiance to so-called progressive policies.”

“Unwavering loyalty to progressive liberal policies is the primary reason these dire conditions persist. They both make them possible and perpetuate them. It’s no coincidence that progressivism is the common thread that binds predominantly black cities,” he pointed out.

Simply by being an independent-minded black man who criticizes standard liberal themes, Taleeb Starkes has no doubt made himself a target for leftist censors who use social media tools to ban, harass and silence anybody who dares think for themselves.

That’s exactly what Prager University has been facing, with YouTube wrongly labeling conservative content as “restricted” and demonetizing right-leaning voices to cut off their revenue.

Agree with him or not, Starkes’ perspective is exactly the kind of intellectual diversity that we need — and it’s probably a good idea to watch and share his video, before online thought enforcers try to shut him down.

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