'The View' Host Called the 'Bud Light of Conservatism' After Attacking Marine


At this time, everyone in America is familiar with “The View” as that show where the leftist hosts regurgitate tired-out woke talking points day after day.

Yet in spite of that image of the show, or perhaps because of it, the producers are keen on having a token conservative on the show in order to appear as if they welcome diverse viewpoints.

The problem is, these token “conservatives” are not really conservative at all, they are just watered-down liberals who push back against the left just enough to look like there is a free exchange of ideas on the show without crossing the line.

This job falls to Alyssa Farah Griffin, who in a recent segment berated the Marine veteran Daniel Penny who restrained Jordan Neely on the New York Subway after the latter started behaving in an erratic and threatening manner. The chokehold the veteran placed Neely in led to his death.

Griffin said, “There were so many steps in between that could have been taken” by Penny in order to prevent Neely from dying. She also said, “I support those protesting his name.”

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While Griffin did go on to say that she understands that in an age of high crime in American cities people get nervous when someone starts acting up on the subway, but said that “a marine with training should have known they can restrain him without killing him.”

In essence, Griffin brought up a conservative viewpoint about crime in America, but still embraced the basic narrative that the left is spreading about this incident.

Is Alyssa Farah Griffin a conservative?

In response to this, one Twitter user has branded Griffin the “Bud Light of ‘conservatism.'”

The phrase “Bud Light of conservatism” refers to a joke held by many that Bud Light is not actually a beer, but rather a disgusting concoction masquerading as a beer. In essence, Griffin is a moderate liberal masquerading as a conservative.

The Twitter user also wondered “if she wakes up yearning for the approval nod of Whoopi Goldberg.”

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This frankly makes sense, no serious conservative would ever consider joining “The View,” given that it’s a platform for leftist talking points. Also, the producers of the show would not want an actual conservative who would present a real challenge to their viewpoints.

Also, it’s hilarious to see Griffin try to instruct Penny on how to take Neely down. Is she suddenly an expert in Marine training? How does she know what the proper course of action is in this case?

Let’s not forget that Neely was not the angel who just loved to dance to Michael Jackson music that the left claims he was. He was a violent criminal with over 40 prior arrests for some pretty horrendous crimes. There are even online posts from 10 years ago telling people on the subway to avoid Neely.

In short, Griffin claims to be a conservative, but all she is doing is buying into the left’s narrative framework. In that sense, she really is the “Bud Light of conservatism.”

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