Viral Video Shows Devastating Reality Behind Opioid Epidemic in Sanctuary State


California is one of the most liberal states in America, and the city of San Francisco is even more left-leaning than most. Listening to Democrats, you might imagine that this would make the bay area a paradise on earth — after all, more government and social justice programs solve everything.

The reality is sadly much different. A once-great state seems to be steadily in decline, and one of the most naturally beautiful areas on the continent is crumbling into a liberal nightmare.

Shocking video from San Francisco shows a glimpse of just how bad things are. Recorded at the Civic Center BART station by a resident named Shannon Gafford, the footage reveals drug addicts using needles in public, openly injecting opioids with no concern for being seen or stopped.


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Call it cause and effect. California’s liberal policies and San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” rules have made the area a magnet for illegal immigrants, and homelessness has spiked as a result.

In Los Angeles, for example, homelessness has surged by a staggering 75 percent over six years, according to the LA Times. That statistic has contributed to many parts of California resembling third-world countries, with human waste in the street and diseases running rampant.

“Toilet access is a chief concern, as the (hepatitis A) disease can be contracted by ingesting or touching anything contaminated with infected feces,” reported Fox News in November. “Homeless individuals without bathroom access defecating on the streets spreads the disease.”

Recently, California became the state with the highest poverty in all of the United States. So much for the liberal paradise.

Do you believe liberal policies are connected to California's problems?

“California — not Mississippi, New Mexico, or West Virginia — has the highest poverty rate in the United States,” the Los Angeles Times reported in January.

“According to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure — which accounts for the cost of housing, food, utilities, and clothing, and which includes noncash government assistance as a form of income — nearly one out of four Californians is poor,” the newspaper stated.

The left certainly can’t blame this one on Donald Trump. California officials have been fighting the administration to retain sanctuary policies that give illegal aliens impunity, and also pushing back against Republican efforts to take on the drug epidemic.

One look at San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors tells you everything. That governing body oversees both the city and county, and has 11 members. For years, all of them — every single one — has been a Democrat.

Rampant drug use. Out of control homelessness. Soaring poverty. Diseases in the street. Isn’t big-government liberalism great?

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The left seems completely unwilling to look at the consequences of failed policies. Like mad scientists repeating the same disastrous experiments over and over while ignoring the results, they’ve put their broken theories ahead of reality… and are destroying a once proud state in the process.

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