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Volunteer Firefighter Does the Incredible, Saves Life of Little Girl Trapped in Burning Home


On Sept. 21 in Mount Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania, a residence was burning with a girl trapped on the second story.

Elijah Hale, a volunteer firefighter since his early teenage years, was able to be on the scene before other first responders got there, and his head start saved the life of that girl.

“I knew something was not right, and I found out that there was a girl was trapped up there,” Hale said, according to KMBC-TV. “The smoke had filled the entire house.”

He was able to quickly locate a ladder and use it to rescue the girl from the fiery house, according to a post from the Irishtown Fire Company.

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“Meet Elijah Hale,” the company posted shortly after the rescue. “Member of the Irishtown Fire Company, and Alpha Fire Company #1 of Littlestown. Elijah came upon tonight’s house fire on Bender Road, accessed a ladder on the property, throwing it to the second floor, rescuing a trapped resident.

“Our company is proud of his quick thinking, and willingness to take action without the benefit of PPE or other fire personnel on scene. His quick action undoubtedly saved a life.

“Well done Elijah.”

Hale isn’t taking all the credit, though, pointing out that the girl had done some quick thinking of her own that likely saved her life, too.

“I believe she found a guitar and used that to break the storm window out,” he said. “If she didn’t do that, the longer she was exposed to that smoke, the worse off it would have been for her.”

“Big man up above, you know, put me at the right place, right time … just thankful I was able to do what I did.”

The whole ordeal was over within minutes and as soon as he got her out, EMS was pulling up, so he left her with them.

“It’s a blur, I mean it was probably 30 seconds from the time I pulled up to the time I got the ladder, and another 30 seconds till she was out of the house and outside,” he recalled.

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“It was very split-second.”

Locals commented on the initial posts as well as the follow-ups, highlighting their personal gratitude and knowledge of the man’s character.

“Couldn’t be more proud of my son,” Terri Hale wrote.

“Elijah, that little girl was my niece!” wrote Lindsae Kimm. “I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart!!!! God bless you.”

The Irishtown Fire Company posted a follow-up as well, talking about how generous a member of the community Hale is, and how he’s done a lot to help local people and animals in need.

The company also noted that he didn’t want the recognition, but that has only convinced people more that he truly deserves the title “hero.”

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