Walgreens Cashier Gets Call from Ellen, Has No Clue About Surprises Waiting for Him


Ellen DeGeneres is known for her incredible generosity and big heart for those who are less fortunate.

She loves inviting people whose stories have gone viral and surprising them with things that make their lives better, easier, and/or more fun.

There are hundreds of clips of people cheering or crying because of Ellen’s generosity. The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been running for nearly 15 years, and it has brightened the lives of so many deserving people in that time.

But there’s still more! The show is still running, and Ellen has more lives to change.

Recently, she heard about a community who loved one of their local Walgreens cashiers so much that they decided to do a secret fundraiser for him.

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Stacy Stahl lead the project and was an important part of the big reveal.

So what exactly did a total of 280 donors do for this Walgreens cashier? His name is Mike Haynes, and he’s now quite a lot richer.

The community raised a total of $6,350 for him, all in cash. But the best part was how they delivered it.

Ellen got in contact with Stacy and sent her a trusty helper named Jeannie. Together, along with about 80 other people who donated to Stahl’s fundraiser, they surprised Haynes at his store.

It started with a prank call from Ellen. She gave Haynes a call pretending to have been a customer who lost their purse the day before.

That charade didn’t last long though, because when Haynes asked who she was — he knows most of his customers by name — she came clean and said her name was Ellen DeGeneres.

He was a bit thrown off by that.

But then Stahl and Jeannie came in and the fun really started! Haynes was in awe, and he couldn’t stop thanking everyone.

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When Stahl says just how much they raised for him, and why, he couldn’t contain himself! Watch below to witness the fun.

So, as you can see, such a kind man who works paycheck-to-paycheck and takes care of his mother truly deserves some encouragement and generosity.

Ellen stories are my favorite to cover, they’re always so joyful and fun, and the people she talks to have the most fascinating tales to tell.

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