Warren Calls Own Grandparents Racist in Effort to Explain Missing Indian Heritage


The left seems obsessed with calling anybody who disagrees with them “racist” — and for Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, slinging around accusations of racism apparently doesn’t stop short of her own relatives.

Warren has earned the nickname “Fauxcahontas” for repeatedly insisting that she’s part Native American, including marking herself as a racial minority to possibly receive preferred status while she attended college.

The problem, of course, is that there’s zero evidence that Elizabeth Warren is even part Indian. Despite the facts showing that the senator is lying or simply wrong, she keeps repeating the falsehood… and she just implied that her own family was racist in order to keep the fake narrative going.

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren sought Sunday to bolster her shaky claims of Cherokee ancestry with the story of how her racist grandparents drove her parents to elope,” reported The Washington Times.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” the liberal senator claimed that her parents were forced to elope because Warren’s mother was an Indian, and the senator’s grandparents were so racist that they disapproved of the marriage.

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“You know, my mom and dad were born and raised out in Oklahoma, and my daddy was in his teens when he fell in love with my mother,” Elizabeth Warren declared.

“She was a beautiful girl who played the piano. And he was head over heels in love with her and wanted to marry her. And his family was bitterly opposed to that because she was part Native American,” the liberal senator continued, adding that “eventually my parents eloped.”

The issue? This latest story appears to be just as fictional as the original Native American claim.

“The problem with Warren’s story is that none of the evidence supports it,” explained Twila Barnes, an expert on Cherokee genealogy.

Do you believe Warren exaggerated her heritage to play the victim card?

“Her genealogy shows no indication of Cherokee ancestry. Her parents’ wedding doesn’t resemble an elopement. And additional evidence doesn’t show any indication of her Herring grandparents being Indian haters,” the expert stated.

In fact, records show that the wedding of Warren’s parents was pretty normal for the time, and her grandparents were openly friendly with Native Americans.

Think about this: How desperate to keep a lie going would you need to be to throw your own grandparents under the bus, and essentially call them anti-Indian racists on live television?

Even if Warren fell for a childhood fable and didn’t invent the entire story, why not humbly admit that she was wrong about her heritage and move on?

Instead, she repeatedly tries to use the criticism of her claims as a political talking point, while at the same time refusing to take a DNA ancestry test that would put the matter to rest.

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“I know who I am,” Senator Warren insisted on Sunday… although apparently, she doesn’t.

“I know who I am because of what my mother and my father told me,” she declared. “It’s a part of who I am and no one’s ever going to take that away.”

That stance is a perfect summary of modern liberalism: They’d rather believe a fairy tale than accept fact-based reality.

It’s no different than a child plugging their ears and shouting “lalala” when someone tries to tell them that Santa Claus isn’t real, no matter what their parents said. This might be endearing for a little kid, but it’s absolutely appalling from an adult.

The obsession with narratives, no matter how false or repeatedly disproved they are, is the true flaw of liberalism.

Warren believes that if she feels Native American or repeats it enough times, it will magically become true. That is the thinking of a delusional adolescent… or the modern left.

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