Watch as Black Police Officer Schools Virtue-Signaling White Protester on Racism


On the streets of Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, a white protester informed a police officer that “just because you have one black friend or a black wife, you can still be racist. It has nothing to do with your acquaintances.”

After the officer walked away, the protester accused him of being intimidated. It was at this point that one of his African-American colleagues began engaging in conversation with the protester. A video posted by Breitbart documented the exchange.

The African-American officer explained his co-worker’s rationale for walking away: “You’re trying to have a conversation and you have a one-track mind, there’s no point in having that conversation.” He informed the myopic woman that she had to be able to see “both sides of the story.”

Apparently, the woman did not appreciate the fact that the officer had joined the conversation without receiving her permission, telling him, “I wasn’t talking to you, sir. I was talking to the white dude.”

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The officer responded: “Oh, because I can’t be racist, right?” She replied, “no sir,” adding “systemically, racism can only be white.” The idea that only white people can be racist or bigoted is preposterous. Apparently, this woman has never heard of Louis Farrakhan.

Later, another African-American police officer joined the conversation. He informed the woman that “America has a sin problem. … Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'”

She appeared totally uninterested in hearing his point of view. As she continued to shout, the officer remarked that “America and the world has a sin problem. … That’s where racism, injustice and hate and anger and violence come from.” He urged her to “read the Bible,” a plea that almost certainly fell on deaf ears.

The man has a point. If more people read the Bible and actively sought to live a Christian life, maybe they wouldn’t subscribe to dangerous ideas such as hate and racism.

Would America be a better place if more people were actively religious?

In addition, reading the Bible and practicing Christianity could also bring the protester featured in the video, and every other American, happiness. A study from the Pew Research Center found that actively religious people are more likely to be happier and healthier than their non-religious counterparts.

The survey found that in the United States, 36 percent of those who identify as actively religious described themselves as “very happy,” compared to just 25 percent of Americans who described themselves as “unaffiliated.”

Another study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, revealed that “people who had active religious affiliations lived an average of 10 years longer than their non-religious counterparts in Des Moines, and an average of five years longer nationally.”

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Based on these statistics, it would only seem logical that more people would want to actively practice a religion.

Unfortunately, many Americans, especially young Americans, have elected to do just the opposite. Another recent study found that “compared to the late 1970s, 75 percent more 12th graders said religion is ‘not important at all’ in their lives.”

As a result of the apathy they have for organized religion, many young Americans look for meaning and fulfillment elsewhere. For an example of this, look no further than the newly formed enclave in Seattle known as “CHOP.”

The anarchists who populate this “nation” appear to have adopted racial segregation as one of the tenets of their unofficial religion. As a Latino man tried to gain entry into a part of this new kingdom, he was told “this space right now is held for just blacks.”

As African-American former Princeton and Vanderbilt University professor Dr. Carol Swain explained, the American left is working to unleash a “cultural Marxist agenda against America.” Many young people, including the woman featured in the Breitbart video, seem to have adopted this dangerous ideology as their religion.

Everyone who still does believe in God should pray that the nation quickly finds its way out of this tumultuous state. The health and future of the republic depend on it.

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Ryan holds a bachelor of arts in political science from Rhode Island College. In addition to participating in the National Journalism Center’s internship program, he has written for several conservative publications.
Ryan holds a bachelor of arts in political science from Rhode Island College. In addition to participating in the National Journalism Center’s internship program, he has written for several conservative publications.