Watch: Colbert Admits He's Been Gaslighting the Public for Years, Says He Makes 'A Very Good Living' Doing It


CBS host Stephen Colbert said the quiet part out loud on Wednesday night as he accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of “gaslighting” Americans.

The crude and unfunny host of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” admitted he is paid handsomely to manipulate his audience into feeling secure about the left’s agenda.

It is no secret Colbert considers himself a man of intellectual prowess. He wears an air of superiority like few others.

But he has grown so arrogant in his far-left echo chamber that he confessed that he is actively deceiving people — and has been doing so for some time.

Colbert is among those who are livid that Carlson is releasing previously withheld video clips from the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

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The Fox News host has offered millions of Americans a chance to view the event in a different light.

His shows throughout this week have dominated in ratings and have shown the House select committee that investigated the incursion for what it was, which was a partisan operation meant to demonize conservatives.

Naturally, the left-wing media apparatus is coming after Carlson with everything it’s got.

Should Colbert be canceled for gaslighting the American public?

Colbert accused Carlson of “gaslighting” while he attacked former President Donald Trump and Fox News viewers.

He then went on to allude to reports related to Dominion Voting Systems’ ongoing lawsuit against the network.

WARNING: The following clip contains explicit language that some viewers might find offensive.

“Thanks in large part to the former president, there’s a whole industry of people who make a good living trying to make you think you’re insane,” Colbert said.

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He then admitted, “Well, I make a very good living reminding you that you’re not.”

Colbert owned up to psychological manipulation, which is the actual definition of gaslighting — at least until the leftists who currently control our country’s discourse change its meaning for their own benefit.

He continued his rant by going vulgar, “Now, you’d think, you would think that once the people gaslighting on a daily basis have been revealed to be liars, say, in multiple text messages in a $1.6 billion court filing by Dominion Voting Systems, they would pump the brakes.”

Colbert concluded, “But apparently, some people are just addicted to being d***s. Case in point. Fox News host and toddler sucking on a dog turd, Tucker Carlson.”

“The Late Show” bills itself as a comedy program, but it is just an obscene pulpit for a radical man with motives other than entertaining people.

Colbert is not a comedian. He is not insightful. Nothing about him or his act is revolutionary in any way.

He is a vulgar, paid extension of the Democratic National Committee and a stooge for pharmaceutical companies.

He is so broken — both logically and morally — that he copped to manipulating Americans in an attempt to drag someone through the mud for daring to question the federal government.

Colbert’s lack of self-awareness is truly astounding.

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