Watch Company Catches Flak for Pro-America Stance, But There's One Thing Haters Saying 'Shut Up' Don't Realize


My name is Ilan Srulovicz, CEO of Egard Watch Company. It is in these times of inverted truth that companies, more than ever, need to stand for American values.

This is why in the height of the defund police movement, we decided to put out a video in support of Law Enforcement, which can be seen below.

The attack on Law Enforcement was not by coincidence. Our police are the last line of defense against chaos and are a symbol of order.

The attacks on basic truth have continued since that time and have begun to steal our very freedoms.

DOJ Official Declares Mar-a-Lago Raid 'A Spectacular Backfire': Report

We stood strong against vaccine mandates and put out a message in support of our constitutional rights.

People have asked us why we at Egard Watch Company are putting out these videos. They claim that it isn’t our place and that we should “shut up and sell watches.” The reality is that countless corporations are now political activists, and these very people who tell us to be silent are proud to endorse the extreme views of these larger corporations.

The most recent erasure of womanhood by the trans movement is perhaps the most clear and most telling. Companies across the country have stood in support of giving children hormone therapy, allowed biological men to compete against women and erased the very meaning of the word.

It is why we made a video in support of womanhood and basic truth entitled “What Is a Woman.”

We at Egard will continue to fight against the attack on absolute truths. We believe that these fundamental ideals are the glue that hold our great nation together.

If we do not speak now, we will not have a voice when we need it the most.

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Ilan Srulovicz
CEO & Founder
Egard Watch Co.

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