Watch: 'Compassionate' Anti-ICE Protesters Frantically Scream N-Word at Black Cop


“Liberal tolerance:” It’s supposed to be one of the main tenets of the left, but it has instead become something of a running joke.

While the left frequently lectures conservatives about how caring and tolerant they are, the thin veneer of civility often wears thin. It turns out that radical liberals are sometimes the most spiteful and least “tolerant” people you can find … and the recent clash over immigration policy is a prime example.

Apparently oblivious to the fact that similar enforcement had happened during the Obama administration, protesters went into a tizzy over border housing centers that are used to temporarily hold illegal immigrants.

Then came the calls to completely disband Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a federal agency that plays a key role in holding lawbreakers accountable and keeping potentially dangerous people — like MS-13 gang members — out of the country.

As is often the case, liberals took a sanctimonious tone and claimed the “compassionate” high ground, without much consideration for the lives of American citizens being affected by illegal aliens. Opponents of the Trump administration quickly accused the president of being a racist, a tactic that is starting to wear thin.

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It looks like radical leftists are the intolerant and shockingly racist ones, at least if a disturbing video is genuine.

Language Warning: Video Contains Offensive and Racially Obscene Words

British journalist Paul Joseph Watson posted a video Thursday that appears to show liberal protesters shouting racist insults at uniformed ICE law enforcement officers.

Do you support ICE and other U.S. law enforcement officers?

Harsh language, including the n-word, can be heard being directed at the officers.

“I will laugh on your f***ing grave, you f***ing piece of s***,” one protester yells in the video toward the law enforcement officers. Predictably, words like “Nazis” and “fascists” are also hurled.

“You’re a f***ing ni**er to the white man,” yells another, using the incredibly offensive anti-black slur toward an African-American officer. “You’re the white man’s ni**er! Ni**er! You are the ni**er!”

If there was any question why people are rejecting unhinged liberalism and taking a second look at conservatism, this should clear it up.

“Leftists caught on tape calling black ICE agents the n-word,” Watson pointed out. “Their ‘diversity’ mask soon slips, doesn’t it?”

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Another right-leaning journalist, Mike Cernovich, followed up by reporting that he had traced the origin of the disturbing video to the “Abolish ICE” group, which aims to do exactly that.

It’s worth pointing out that while not directly connected to that radical group, several mainstream Democrats have themselves called for ICE to be abolished.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris — both prominent Democratic senators — have joined openly socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in their own versions of the “Abolish ICE” movement.

This is the Democratic Party in 2018: Hurling racial and offensive epithets at police officers doing their best in a tough and dangerous job, and then wondering why the other side won.

It’s disgraceful, but it doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon.

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