Watch: Disturbing Footage Shows Camouflaged Group Descending Southern Border Wall to Enter US


Disturbing footage reveals camouflaged illegal aliens scaling down a border wall and fleeing into the country’s interior.

A team working with Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin recorded the illegals crossing the U.S. southern border — seemingly undeterred by the threat of immediate consequences.

Melugin indicated that none of the illegals were captured. The group entered the United States within a 45-minute timespan near the border community of Naco, Arizona.

Migrants were lowered down a wall, evading its ribbons of concertina wire, in what was seemingly a sophisticated smuggling operation.

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The tweet did not specifiy when the footage was recorded, but the post was published Tuesday morning.

And, according to Melugin’s reporting, it’s just one of many that are taking place on a regular basis.

Do you think the border is secure?

Border Patrol union officials told Melugin that the uncontested crossing was a consequence of an agency burdened with administrative processing and other large groups of illegals.

At least two of the illegals enter with sizable bags. There’s no way of knowing what was inside, but drug smuggling is commonplace on the southern border.

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The Biden administration’s refusal to enforce American immigration laws has resulted in record-setting levels of illegal immigration.

The Border Patrol has apprehended more illegals at the border than in any other year of American history in 2022, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, a conservative think tank.

The volume of apprehensions at the border correlates with the volume of illegals entering the country.

Entering the United States outside of an official port of entry is illegal.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, another conservative think tank that focuses on illegal immigration, estimates that the Biden administration has released around 1.3 million illegals into the country, according to Fox News.

This doesn’t include “gotaways,” a term that is used for illegals who are never apprehended by law enforcement. More than 500,000 gotaways have infiltrated the border since the start of the fiscal year in October, according to Fox News.

A FAIR study found the Biden-era population of illegals has a cost to American taxpayers of $20.4 billion a year, according to Fox.

This cost comes on top of the $140 billion that the preexisting illegal alien population costs taxpayers.

Illegal aliens rarely have health insurance, and often burden healthcare systems in border regions, according to Forbes. Illegal immigration has a detrimental effect on labor conditions and can crush American wages.

The cost of educating illegal immigrant children is causing a “crisis” in American public schools, according to the conservative group Judicial Watch.

Walls aren’t the only tool that can prevent and deter illegal immigration.

Policies implemented by former President Donald Trump, such as the ‘Remain in Mexico‘ asylum guidance, significantly reduced illegal border crossings during his presidency, according to Politico.

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