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Watch: Family Forced To Pretend To Open Screen Door for Patient Pup Waiting To Come Inside

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At some point in your life, you’ve probably witnessed someone walking or running into a screen or glass door. It happens fairly regularly, and not just when people are distracted by their phones.

When you’re little and don’t quite know how the world works yet, these obstacles in life offer uninvited lessons. Glass doors can give adults a hard time too, especially if the lighting isn’t good or the door is particularly clean.

Dogs are a lot like kids in that they don’t quite get the whole “see-through” door thing immediately. There’s definitely a learning process involved.

For some dogs, the lesson must have been pretty painful, as they are wary of any doorway, even when their owners try to coax them through.

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They don’t realize that if they can hear and get a nose or paw through the doorway, their invisible nemesis probably is not present. All they know is that they cannot trust these invisible force fields, and the results are pretty amusing.

Does your pet have any strange habits?

Of course, there are ways around the initial painful learning process. Window clings or etchings can help pups and people alike recognize when there’s a door present.

Despite taking precautionary measures, some dogs are just far too sure that unless they see a human open the door, then the door is still in place.

Akela is one of those dogs. A wonderful mix of all things dog, this mutt is very wary of doors.

He wandered the streets for at least a year in Arizona before his current owner took him home. There’s a very high chance that it was during this year of unknown whereabouts that he learned a very deep lesson about screen doors.

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While screen doors aren’t quite as see-through as glass, they’re just as deceptive in their own right: dogs can see and smell through them.

Akela does have his own struggles with glass, though, as evidenced by a separate post that shows him being “dog-shamed” for his accidentally destructive nature.


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“I broke the 7 foot tall mirror in the living room today,” his owner posted on his Instagram account on Nov. 8. “But in my defense, it was the 8 year olds fault. She’s the one who throws all the things for me. ??‍♂️”

Despite the error of his ways, Akela seems like he has found a wonderful family, and if his only hardship in life is telling whether a screen door is open or closed, he’s doing pretty well.

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