Watch: Leftist Pundit Goes on Unhinged Rant, Reveals His Radical Solution to 'Right-Wing Terrorists'


Far-left podcaster Keith Olbermann, a former ESPN and MSNBC anchor, called for the declaration of a “national emergency” to deal with conservatives on Tuesday as he practically begged people to listen to his show.

The disgraced former TV host has resorted to politicking for his voice to be heard on Twitter in recent months.

He ramped up the hyperbole when he declared an alleged Hispanic mass shooter who police say killed eight people in Texas at an outlet mall over the weekend was a “white supremacist.”

“We are under attack by armed right-wing terrorists,” the unhinged leftist declared.

Seemingly unaware he was about to serve his followers an oxymoron, the leftwing moron declared, “The Texas mall shooter Mauricio Garcia has indisputable neo-Nazi, white supremacist credentials.”

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Using the name “Garcia” and “white supremacist” did not elicit Olbermann to check his notes to ensure he hadn’t made the connection in error.

The rambling podcast host claimed that Garcia was inspired by a Twitter account that was started to point out the indoctrination of children and others by leftist gender activists.

“He wrote he was inspired by Hitler and by Libs of TikTok,” Olbermann said of the mall shooter. “He might as well have been a suicide bomber.”

Should Olbermann apologize for his comments?

“We have the largest number of reality-denying Americans since the Civil War and I do not know what to do about them or if it is time yet to ask for a declaration of a state of national emergency because we are under attack by armed right-wing terrorists,” he concluded.

Olbermann didn’t respond well when someone pointed out that he had unironically declared a man with a very Hispanic name to be the face of white supremacy.

One person who replied to Olbermann’s obvious plea for attention shared a solid take.

The poster asked, “Are there any more Mexican gang member ‘white supremacists’ with pictures of brand new nazi tattoos that doesn’t show their entire head, today?”

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Olberman resorted to name-calling in his response.

WARNING: The following tweet contains language that some readers might find offensive.

Olbermann wrote, “No just the ones from yesterday confirming it’s him and he identified as white with Nazi tattoos, F***face.”

Another person who came across the rambling mess pointed out that in an era where definitions are so often changed to fit the left’s narratives, the country might as well designate Central American gang members as white supremacists.

Eight people were tragically murdered at the Allen Premium Outlets shooting Saturday in suburban Dallas.

Meanwhile, Olbermann has resorted to using the dead in order to score political points.

A good question to ask might be why The Western Journal has chosen to elevate Olbermann’s hateful screed, and it is a good one.

Olbermann spent years as a credentialed reporter and trusted commentator in mainstream sports and news. Although he has since worked himself out of a career, it is important to remember that this vile man was elevated by the same people who are still running two networks that are watched by millions of people every week.

Olbermann has never kept his lunacy in check, and yet executives at both ESPN and MSNBC chose to offer him platforms anyway.

Sharing his hateful post is about highlighting his derangement as much as it is about putting a spotlight on the kinds of people who control much of the national conversation in regard to current events, sports, and culture.

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