Keith Olbermann Goes Full Fascist, Says Fox News Must Be Deplatformed and Closed for National Security


Former MSNBC and ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann is calling for Fox News to be shut down and deplatformed.

The belligerent fascist, who is known for losing high-profile jobs and for his unhinged Twitter rants, referred to the network as a “threat” to the country’s security in a Twitter video he used to advertise his podcast.

In a Tuesday screed against the network, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, the deranged leftist portrayed releasing all available footage from the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion as a bad thing.

McCarthy has offered thousands of hours of videos to Carlson in a show of transparency.

According to Olbermann, the act is one that will assist the “next insurrectionists.”

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Olbermann also referred to Greene as a “traitor” in the short clip.

“She was raised on a diet of Fox News,” he claimed of the Georgia lawmaker, who was well into her twenties when Fox News was founded.

Olbermann went on to call for the country’s most-watched cable news network to be muzzled.

“Now that Fox’s true evil has been revealed in the Dominion lawsuit, and Fox’s true evil has been revealed while Kevin McCarthy has turned over 41,000 hours of Jan. 6 surveillance video to Tucker Carlson — exclusively — so he can show the next insurrectionists how to avoid all those cameras and reach all those panic rooms,” he said.

Should Fox News be shut down?

“The time has now come,” Olbermann concluded. “We must deplatform Fox news, and we must close down Fox News.”

If you had trouble making sense of all that, so did I. The only clear point was that Olbermann wants those who disagree with him to be shut down.

Seeking the forced suppression of your opponents is a tell-tale sign you have become the problem.

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Olbermann has always been a wacky man who is fueled by rage. But without a proper platform of his own, he appears to have grown a little stir-crazy.

He’s now advocating for fascism on a platform that has, for the most part, finally stopped shutting down vocal opposition to the government.

Olbermann was predictably shredded on Twitter by many people who came across his desperate tweet. Many suggested the formerly relevant left-wing character get help. Here’s a small sampling of that:

Sadly, Olbermann’s unhinged opinions are shared by many Americans on the left who, like him, no longer want a discussion. These are people whose only hope in seeding their ideas requires silencing voices of opposition.

It is worth noting that few advocated for Olbermann to lose his voice last week when he called on blue states to wage an “economic civil war” with the intention to “starve the red states” into “submission.”

Why shut down anyone whose ideas are so repugnant they are certain to repulse rational people on their own?

In our society, people decide who they find worth listening to and who they do not.

There is a reason Fox News is ranked number one in what it does. It is the same reason Olbermann has resorted to using a platform owned by Elon Musk to beg for a podcast audience.

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