Watch People Stand Up One by One and Disrupt Nancy Pelosi Event: 'You're a Sad Old Drunk'


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was talking at a New York university on Monday night when critics heckled her one at a time. One individual even called her a “sad old drunk.”

Pelosi spoke at City University of New York that evening and was talking with host Paul Krugman — a New York Times columnist and distinguished economist.

The hecklers pulled no punches.

“You know, Pelosi, that’s a very good place for you in the depths of hell,” the protester said. “Because for some reason you have a very bad obsession of getting us into war.”

The protester criticized Pelosi about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and war with Afghanistan while security escorted him away. He also criticized Pelosi about the Nord Stream pipeline.

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WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Then another protester began heckling the California Democrat.

Do you think Pelosi is a corrupt politician?

“Hey, Congresswoman, I came to see a warmonger but you’re a sad old drunk! What happened?” The second protester said.

Like the first, the second also began shouting various criticisms, including Ukraine, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the pipeline, the Trump indictment and other subjects.

“You’re a war criminal by definition, Ms. Pelosi. You got some nerve. Is that why you’re here in Manhattan? Is that why you’re here? Because you’re getting indicted tomorrow?” The protester said as security escorted him away.

Then a third protester cried out about the Dodd-Frank Act and other financial failures.

“Dodd-Frank was always never going to work,” he said. “If you don’t deal with the 600 trillion in derivatives, then there’s no chance for this economy. Don’t you see it all failed? None of it worked.”

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While many people booed the protesters, some were smiling.

Finally, a fourth stood and protested Pelosi’s Taiwan visit.

“And then you land your plane in Taiwan — we want a war with China at the same time. We want to all have nuclear bombs dropped on our heads — we live in Manhattan,” he said.

As he was being escorted away he spoke of Lyndon LaRouche, a political activist in the 1970s whom leftists have labeled a conspiracy theorist.

“By the way, Lyndon LaRouche is back in a big way,” he said. “And I’m here on behalf of everybody who loves peace and not war with Russia and war with China and a new hot war with the east.”

It is not clear from the Twitter video, which consists of different clips, if the protesters spoke in the order that they appeared, or how far apart each protest was. It is also not clear from the video if the individuals had orchestrated these protests beforehand.

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