Watch: Pro Racer Clings for Dear Life on His Opponent's Bike, Sparks Scuffle


Motorcycle races in Costa Rica don’t often grab headlines, but a race held there last month surely did.

It wasn’t because of the spectacular driving of the winner; no, it was due to a fight that broke out between two riders.

It’s a pretty wild scene that is shocking on a few different levels.

It all went down at the Costa Rica national motorcycle racing championship that took place in February.

One of the riders, Jorge Martinez, lost control of his bike while battling for position with another rider, Marion Calvo.

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Martinez’s bike was about to wipe out, but he kept it up while he grabbed onto the back of Calvo’s bike.

Martinez managed to climb onto the back of Calvo’s bike as his own motorcycle went careening across the track and crashed into the side barriers.

That move alone was a death-defying stunt.

Martinez was on the back of Calvo’s bike when Calvo brought it to a halt. What happened next was even more bizarre.

Martinez hopped off the back and threw a haymaker at Calvo. The blow took Calvo by surprise and knocked him to the ground.

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Martinez just walked away, across the track in front of other riders. Calvo got up on his feet and chased after Martinez, pushing him the back and challenging him to a fight.

Do you think they both should have been suspended?

But Martinez just ignored him and walked away.

Of course, in sports, tempers sometimes run high, and fights can break out between competitors who should be trying to defeat each other by the rules of the game, not by beating each other up.

But actions have consequences.

TMZ Sports reported this week that both riders were suspended by the Latin American Motorcycle Association for two years for their involvement in this incident.

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