Watch: 'South Park' Brilliantly Skewers the Hypocrisy of Harry and Meghan, Sending Them on 'Worldwide Privacy Tour'


The long-running animated series “South Park” skewered Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry over their empty calls for privacy on Wednesday.

The mockery of the couple was relentless, and it aired just a week after the show’s creators took on Kanye West (spoilers below).

The episode, which is titled “The World-Wide Privacy Tour,” saw the (formerly?) royal couple go on a tour wherein they demanded privacy from the media.

Much like in real life, the satirical Harry and Meghan paraded themselves around while simultaneously calling to be left alone.

They constantly carried signs that read “Stop looking at us!” and “We want our privacy!”

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“South Park” has always picked on the people of Canada, so it was fitting when the episode opened with citizens of the country still stricken by grief over the passing of Queen Elizabeth II — four months later.

The episode segued over to a fictional Canadian talk show called “Good Morning Canada,” where the host grilled Harry and Meghan for their hypocrisy. The royal roast began just one minute and nine seconds into the show.

WARNING: The following clips contain language and bathroom humor that might offend some viewers.

” We want privacy! We want privacy!” the couple’s characters chant as they make their way onto the set of the show holding protest signs.

“You’ve lived a life with the royal family, you’ve had everything handed to you, but you say your life has been hard, and now you’ve written all about it in your book ‘Waaagh!’” the host said.

The book was a reference to Harry’s memoir “Spare.”

The satirical exchange ended when the host referred to Markle as obsessed with attention.

“I just think some people might say that your Instagram-loving b**** wife actually doesn’t want her privacy,” the host said.

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Markle was portrayed as a California ditz who at one point said, “We just want to be normal people, this attention is so hard.”

The fictional Harry vowed to leave Canada for a place in the world that would offer him and his wife solitude.

The couple proceeded to force themselves on Europe and Asia, where they continued to demand privacy from average people who were otherwise minding their own business.

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The couple inevitably moved to the town of South Park — where they continued to suck all the air out of the room. In one scene, the character Kyle is shown complaining about being oversaturated with them before he was offered a blunt intervention.

The character Stan said, “We just kinda don’t care about some dumb prince and his stupid wife.”

The episode is predictably crude, but it hit the target in regard to calling out the exhausting couple for appearing seemingly everywhere even as they claim they want to live their lives in privacy.

Harry and Meghan, who were never named directly in the episode, have burned all their bridges in the U.K.

Wednesday, one of the few American TV shows that regularly challenges wokeness gave them a royal “South Park” treatment, and it was brilliant.

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