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Watch: Teacher Shares Clever Mask Hack To Make Wearing Them More Comfortable

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One of the most annoying parts about wearing a mask, other than the facial swamp it creates and the sense of claustrophobia it can induce, is the plain difficulty of communicating.

“Mmblgffhhhrr” isn’t the easiest answer, question or comment to understand, and people who have to communicate as part of their jobs have found the masks more than merely annoying: They impede work.

But one teacher has been championing a device that takes care of that issue. A retired Marine staff sergeant and current teacher, Angie Madden knows how to get things done.

She posted a video on Facebook with her valuable PSA that has been shared over 300,000 times — proving that her information has been well-received.

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“Teacher tip for all my teacher friends!” she shared on Aug. 21. “You have got to get one of these!!”

“To all my teacher friends, look — I ordered the coolest thing on Amazon. … You stick it on your face, and you put your mask on … and when you wear it, it keeps your mask off your face,” she says in the video.

“So you can hear me clearly, and I’m not breathing my mask in, and my mask doesn’t move off my face. … I wore it all day. I didn’t have any issues. … It looks really weird, but it’s amazing.”

The plastic insert works to keep the fabric away from your lips, allowing you to talk and breathe much more clearly.

In an update on the device, Madden confirmed that it has continued to prove useful.

“We started school 10 days ago and it has been such a relief to be able to talk and not suck in the mask,” she told NBC’s “Today” show.

“One of the other reasons that I bought it is my husband works in a plant and it can get very noisy, so in order for him to talk to people he would pull his mask down.”

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“I’m worried for him since he’s diabetic and is in a high-risk group.”

Known as a “mask bracket” or “mask frame,” the item is now available in many places, including (of course) Amazon.

According to at least one doctor, the device is fine to wear — as long as it doesn’t bump the mask out too far, causing gaps.

“If the position of the mask around the nose, cheeks and chin is good, then a silicone mask insert should maintain the same level of effectiveness as wearing a mask without one,” Dr. Nate Favini, medical lead of preventive care practice Forward, told “Today.”

What do you think — is this something you could use?


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