Watch Tear-Jerking Moment Mom with Breast Cancer Returns Home & Surprises Kids


One word can strike terror into the heart of the most courageous.

Even with all the advancements there have been, there are no guarantees that things will turn out as desired, so when that word pops up, perspectives change on what is really important.

Cancer. No one wants to hear it — but when it strikes, big decisions have to made regarding what to do next for your health, how to tell loved ones, and how to get through each of the coming days.

When a Tulsa mom got her breast cancer diagnosis, she decided to undergo treatment that would take her away from her children. She must have believed it was worth it in order to have the chance to have more time with them later.

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It is hard enough on kids to be away from a parent for so long. But knowing what she was going through could only have added to how much their hearts hurt with missing their mother as the weeks crept by.

But a blessing was about to come upon the family and mom got to give her kids a wonderful surprise. For her birthday, she gave her young children an amazing gift.

And of course, what mother wouldn’t want to see her kids on her own birthday? It seems that the older the children get, the more mothers cherish these kinds of family visits.

She’d already been away from them for four weeks. But she was doing well enough to slip away from treatment just long enough to surprise her kids and celebrate her birthday.

She captured the surprise on video, beginning with sneaking into their home. It took a moment for the first child she came upon to register that she was really looking at her mom.


The child’s cries of “Mommy!” grabbed the attention of the other children, who all made a rapid entrance into the room. Their reactions quickly went from elation to sobbing.

Clearly, all of the pent-up emotions were spilling out as they took in the vision of their mom.

The mother laughed and fussed over them and gave them hugs and kisses, as mothers do.

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They threw their arms around their mom, hugging her tightly, perhaps as much to show her their love as to make sure she was really there…and to keep her with them.

The video was shared by Rumble with a few sparse details in early January 2018. Not much else is known about the mom and her family, or how she is doing now.

One thing is for sure, and that is the pure love that can be felt from all involved.

The tears shed by the children who were missing their mom can easily be added to by the viewers who share in their sadness, joy, and hope for good things to come to them all.

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