WATCH: Tom Hanks Blows Up At Rude Fans - "Back The F*** Off"


You’ve never seen Tom Hanks like this before.

The Hollywood actor blew up at a crowd of invasive fans following him and his wife while they were walking in Manhattan on Wednesday.

Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, nearly tripped when a man bumped into her.

“Stop it!” said a distressed Wilson when the man nearly knocked her over.

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Hanks lost his cool when he realized one of his followers had gotten way too close to his wife.

“My wife? Back the f*** off!” yelled the infuriated “Cast Away” actor.

“Knocking over my wife?!”

Hanks eyed the crowd with a death stare one might not expect to see from the guy who voiced Woody in “Toy Story.”

Was his reaction justified?

However, he eventually continued to his car, sensible enough not to make himself the next Will Smith by escalating the bad situation.

At least one of the men following Hanks realized that he was intruding on his wife’s personal space and later apologized.

“Sorry about that, Tom,” one man can be heard saying in the footage.

Hanks and his wife get into his car, more closely protected by his team of security.

There’s often little that celebrities can do to deter invasive fans. Private security can’t simply kick someone off of the sidewalk, even if they’re following an actor or their family way too close for comfort.

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It’s possible some of these “fans” could have been professional paparazzi trying to make money off of pictures and videos of the movie star.

Others simply might have been overzealous fans. One man tried to take a selfie with an uninterested Hanks at the start of the video.

Hanks’ reaction was harsh, but most, if not all, red-blooded men can understand why the actor was quick to anger. The invasive fan blindsided his wife.

You don’t mess with a man’s family. It doesn’t matter if you know him as Forrest Gump.

According to Commercial Appeal, Hanks has been promoting a new “Elvis” movie, in which he plays the role of the iconic musician’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

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