Watch: Tucker Carlson Reacts to Dem Accused of Viciously Killing Journalist


Fox News host Tucker Carlson was joined Friday by Adam Laxalt, the former attorney general of Nevada and current Republican nominee for Senate, to discuss the arrest of a Democratic politician for the murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German and the partisan fallout that followed.

On Wednesday, police arrested Clark County Public Administrator Rob Telles, who authorities allege targeted the reporter because of his articles about Telles’ official conduct, Carlson explained.

In introducing the story, Carlson mocked the reactions of liberals to the news.

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“So, given their deep concern for the risks that working reporters face, it’s strange how quiet they’ve been about this amazing story — and it is amazing,” Carlson said.

“Last week, police say, a Democratic Party politician assassinated — stabbed to death personally — a reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.”

Laxalt called out Democrats and the “left’s foot-soldiers” for inciting violence across the country, while gallingly attempting to insinuate that German’s murder was connected to the rhetoric of Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

“What did the Democrats do?” Laxalt told Carlson. “There was a Reno politician that immediately somehow tried to blame Donald Trump for this attack. There was a reporter, a left-wing reporter in a press conference with the sheriff of this serious incident, that said: Will you condemn Donald Trump for this incident?

Would the mainstream media treat this story differently if the suspect were a Republican?

“And so, it’s just absolutely outrageous that it’s the left’s foot soldiers that burn down America. It’s the left’s foot soldiers that attacked a couple thousand cops, including shooting an officer in Las Vegas just two years ago.

“These are the people that keep inciting violence in our country. And yet, they want to completely change the subject, from their rhetoric, from their policies, that are making our cities and our communities across America less safe. I certainly hope that the voters are paying attention and that they’re going to hold them accountable in November.”

On Saturday, Laxalt tweeted a video of his interview with Carlson, noting, “Democrats keep inciting violence in our country yet they want to change the subject from their rhetoric. What happened to Las Vegas journalist Jeff German this week was horrific & un-American. My thoughts & prayers are with his loved ones & colleagues.”

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During the interview, Laxalt referred to a moment in a highly controversial Thursday news conference.  Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo had the following exchange with a journalist identified by Breitbart as Dana Gentry, senior reporter Dana Gentry of the Nevada Current, an online nonprofit news outlet with a clear leftist bent.

KLAS-TV caught the question during its coverage of the conference.

“Sheriff, you said the murder of a journalist is especially troubling. Now is probably not the appropriate time to talk politics, but do you condemn …,” Gentry began.

Lombardo interrupted her, “So why are we talking politics then?”

She continued, “Do you condemn former president Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists?”

Clearly irritated at the question, Lombardo declined to “opine on that.”

Gentry later seemed to criticize Lombardo on Twitter, writing “Metro Sheriff ⁦@JoeLombardoNV ⁩ talks about slaying of ⁦@JGermanRJ⁩, says murder of a journo especially troubling but declines to denounce former President Trump’s normalization of violence against reporters. More to come ⁦⁦@NevadaCurrent”

Megan Barth, writing for the online news site The Nevada Globe, ccriticized Gentry in turn.

“It can be safely said that Trump’s words, cited by Gentry, were not the cause of Telles’ actions, but certainly the cause of Gentry’s inability to act professionally or seek much-needed answers during a press conference,” she wrote.

“As investigative journalists, like German, we take risks to shed sunlight on the destructive rot and corruption within government. We are counted upon to hold those in power accountable to the people to whom they serve. That is exactly what German did and what may have led to his untimely death,” she added.

“German’s passing will be remembered and his legacy revered, yet his passing used by Gentry to score cheap, political points will also be remembered.”

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