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Watch Two Precious Little Kids Tell the Story of Easter and the Empty Tomb


The season leading up to Easter Sunday can be an especially busy and fun time of year as families enjoy old traditions, establish new ones and celebrate with relatives and friends.

Between egg-decorating, cooking, baking, working and traveling, it can be easy to lose focus on the hope that the resurrection story offers.

If you find yourself surrounded by the chaos of holiday preparations and activities this Easter, take a moment to remember what makes this holiday so joyful.

One family captured this perfectly in a video of two of their children, Levi and Lia Mullen. The kids shared the Easter story with bubbling excitement (and adorable grins), and viewers can’t help but smile right along with them.

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The kids’ charismatic descriptions and lively gestures have earned them a following on Facebook, YouTube and Rumble, and their Easter video is no exception. Both beaming, they begin by describing how Jesus traveled to Jerusalem.

“Jesus came by Donkey transport!” Levi says.

His sister quickly adds, “Hosanna was the password!”

In this video, they show a serious side, too, both gasping as they relate how Jesus was betrayed and crucified.

But soon all is joyful again, as Levi and Lia relay the best part of the story; they shout together, “The tomb was empty!”

Since 2015, the Mullen family has created videos of Levi, Lia and their brother Luca as they relate Bible stories and personal anecdotes, always with enthusiasm and smiles.

The Mullens have also shared some of the joys and struggles of the adoption process through their videos, at times asking for prayer and support from the Christian community.

As many people know, the adoption journey can be convoluted, lengthy and disheartening for parents hoping to welcome a new child into their home. Watching the Mullen children thrive in the love and comfort of their tight-knit family offers an encouraging reminder to others to keep pursuing adoption even when the process is difficult.

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The Easter video, in particular, is a more universal reminder of the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice for each of us, as God adopted us into His family.

Watching the story unfold through the eyes of these little ones is an especially sweet way to remember the power of Christ’s love and the eternal hope we have in Him.

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Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Phoenix, AZ