Watch the Way Howard Schultz Destroyed AOC's GND. He'll Get Votes & He'll Hand 2020 to Trump


Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is an absolute nightmare for Democrats hoping to retake the White House.

If Schultz goes ahead with an independent bid for the presidency, there’s a real possibility that moderate Democrats turned off by the party’s drift to the radical left will split the liberal vote come 2020.

For Democrats who don’t support the party’s “progressive,” leftist wing, Schultz is offering a different option, and that’s ultimately good for Republicans and President Donald Trump.

And that was on full display at a CNN town hall Tuesday night, as Schultz slammed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as unrealistic.

The former Starbucks CEO listed off just a few of the most ridiculous proposals in the Democratic resolution.

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“When I read the Green New Deal and I try to understand what they’re suggesting, I don’t understand how you’re going to give a job to everybody, how you’re going to give free college to everybody, how you’re going to create clean energy throughout the country in every building of the land, and then tally this thing up with $32 trillion on Medicare for All,” Schultz said.

“That’s about $40 trillion plus. We are sitting, ladies and gentlemen, with $22 trillion of debt on the balance sheet of America,” Schultz explained.

Ocasio-Cortez, a self-identified socialist, proposed upgrading or replacing every single building in the country in accordance with her green energy agenda.

The Queens Democrat wants what she calls “wartime-levels” of economic mobilization to achieve 100 percent renewable energy in 10 years.

In other words, Ocasio-Cortez is perfectly fine with a decade of crippling tax burdens and suffering to help achieve her pipe dream.

The decidedly left-wing Schultz looks sane compared to Democrat politicians, which is why he could be attractive to moderate liberal voters.

Will Schultz hurt Democrats in 2020?

Internal polling Schultz has released indicates he already has the support of 17 percent of voters nationwide, which would make him a strong third-party candidate in a general election.

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According to NBC News, 15 percent voter support has “historically been the threshold candidates need to hit to be included in general election debates.” So, if Schultz is able to maintain numbers like that, he could be on stage with the Democratic and Republican nominees for the 2020 campaign.

And it’s only going to get worse for Democrats as Schultz continues to harshly criticize the party and chip away at its support.

Shortly after announcing his intention to run for president in January, Schultz, who’s described himself as a lifelong Democrat, set the tone for his campaign by targeting the party.

“I do not believe in what the Democratic Party stands for,” Schultz said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in January.

Schultz is a strong contender who will take votes away from the Democratic Party and could well hand the 2020 election to Trump.

And the way he trashed the Green New Deal, on the liberals’ favorite network, is a very good start.

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Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a background in history, education and philosophy. He has led multiple conservative groups and is dedicated to the principles of free speech, privacy and peace.
Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a passion for free speech, privacy and peace. He graduated from the College of Wooster with a B.A. in History. While at Wooster, he served as the Treasurer for the Wooster Conservatives and the Vice President for the Young Americans for Liberty.
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