Weather Channel Delayed Global Warming Coverage Because It Was Snowing Everywhere


Global warming is something every person on the planet experiences — usually right as winter is coming to an end.

Yet the good folks over at The Weather Channel seem to be hedging their bets. And that’s putting it mildly.

As Michael Bastasch of The Daily Caller reported, the go-to basic cable channel for everything weather has been in cahoots with agenda-friendly meteorologists “to find a day with no winter storms to unveil its latest global warming campaign.”

Ostensibly titled the “United States of Climate Change,” Bastasch caught TWC with egg, or possibly permafrost, on their collective faces.

Noted by Bastasch, “It’s urgent in the time we live in because people across the U.S. are quietly living the impacts of climate change and the general public is searching for credible information on what is (but shouldn’t be) a contentious subject,” Greg Gilderman, editor-in-chief, told Axios.”

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But it gets better, or worse, depending on your perspective.

Also cited by The Daily Caller’s reporter, “For an entire 24 hours, the Weather Channel’s website will have a banner ‘reading, “THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE.’ The Weather Channel wants to highlight ‘climate’ stories from all 50 states.”

It’s then that TWC dimes themselves out, “But Gilderman said the Weather Channel wanted to find a period with no winter storm before they launched their latest global warming campaign.”

This is rich. They’re the ones who say that weather isn’t the same as climate, yet they refused to run their global warming propaganda until the weather looked the way they needed it to.

Do you believe in man-made global warming?

Pathetic and hilarious … but mostly pathetic.

In a bit of climatological schizophrenia, is now reporting that TWC’s sister from a different mister is now denying climate change, now claiming that global warming is so passé. Jumping on “the planet is freezing” bandwagon is now the table where all the cool kids sit.

Interestingly enough, Britain’s Sky News is reporting that “Artefacts dating back more than 6,000 years are emerging from the ice in the mountains of Norway as a result of global warming.”

Admittedly as one without a degree in either climatology or meteorology, I seem to recall something from my high school days in regards to the “Little Ice Ages.”

As evidenced by a scholarly text by Dr. Michael E. Mann back in 2002, he found “… incontrovertible evidence of the occurrence of the Little Ice Age in Europe and other regions neighboring the North Atlantic during the 16th–19th centuries.”

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I can’t help but wonder, where were all those cars and automobiles back then that made the ice sheets retreat?

With all that aside, as alluded to earlier, “global warming” does happen every year right about springtime. But if the “climate change” Gestapo really believes that there is a real and significant difference between their Pavlovian phrases, I’ll concede to your argument.

Yes, climate change is real. It’s called seasons.

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