Weeks after Pursuing Music, Singer Paralyzed by Car. American Idol Audition Leaves Judges Crying


Have you been watching the new season of American Idol? If you haven’t, chances are you missed David Francisco’s emotional audition.

David’s story builds a new dimension to his performance. One of restored faith and grace.

In April 2016, he moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a music producer. He was enrolled at the Blackbird Academy to receive sound engineering training and make invaluable connections. Three weeks into classes, however, something happened that changed all of his plans.

As David was biking home one day, a distracted driver hit him at a stoplight. Doctors told him that he would be paralyzed from the legs down leaving him completely dependent on others.

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At first, the only things he was able to focus on were the things he would lose, like his ability to play soccer and go biking. He also was convinced that no one would ever want to date him again and even believed his musical career was over. It just seemed like there was no way.

Then one night as he was laying in bed, David saw his foot move just slightly. And three months into therapy, he took his first step!

As his faith in his physical ability was being restored through therapy, he received a letter from an old friend. Kristie just wanted to encourage him to not give up. As they reconnected, their friendship turned into something more. They began dating and were married on Feb. 16, 2018!

As David reflects back on everything between him and Kristi and says, “It’s almost like it wouldn’t have happened without the accident which is just how God works.”

But this story has one more restored relationship that was even more unlikely. Francisco had no idea who hit him that day until a few months later.

He received a long text from a strange number. It was Freya, the woman who hit him, who wanted to reach out and express how deeply sorry she was.

She had so much guilt from the accident that she just had to reach out. David and the rest of his family graciously forgave her — even showing up to her court date to let her know. He just wanted to show her forgiveness like he’s been shown through Christ.

As far as his music career is concerned, David says it has been more active than he ever imagined it would’ve been and recognizes God’s hand in it all.

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In a video for ROCKHARBOR church he said, “God’s like, ‘You don’t think you’re going to have music?’ Boom, boom, boom. All of these opportunities.”

David’s knockout American Idol audition is just one example. His cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” caught judge Katy Perry off guard. She was overwhelmed by the amount of love between the then-engaged couple.

The judges didn’t even vote. They just handed him the ticket to Hollywood with tears in their eyes.

This is definitely a story I’m going to be following; I’m excited to see what’s in store for David on his American Idol journey!

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