White Guys Freak as Black Man Dares to Speak His Mind


It seems like parody, but it’s happening in real life: A black American has voiced an unapproved opinion, and liberals are tripping over themselves to discredit and silence him.

We’re talking, of course, about Kanye West, the controversial rapper who has found himself under fire for supporting conservatives including Candace Owens and Donald Trump.

Whether Kanye’s recent statements are genuine or part of a publicity stunt is still up for debate, but he certainly seems to be doubling down on his stance.

During a recent appearance on TMZ, the world-famous musician caused a stir when he seemed to suggest — somewhat accurately — that Africans had some influence in perpetuating slavery.

Now, the entertainment world has deployed its best weapons to stop Kanye West from rocking the politically-correct boat: A brigade of pale white washed-up TV doctors.

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On Thursday, TMZ pushed two stories aimed at disparaging Kanye and making him seem like a drug-addled mental case. “Dr. Oz: Kanye West’s Playing a Dangerous Game with Medications,” declared one of the channel’s headlines.

Another was equally ominous. “Dr. Phil Says Kanye’s Comments are Irresponsible, Ignorant and Empowering Hate Groups,” TMZ also tweeted.

Do you believe the left is working to discredit Kanye West?

Yes, a 67-year-old bald white man is now the authority on which opinions are “irresponsible” from black voices. “Empowering hate groups” implies, of course, that this same pasty television doctor is basically calling Kanye West racist.

It would be absolutely hilarious if it appeared in The Babylon Bee or The Onion. Imagine the faux headline: “Elderly White Men Tell Uppity Black Icon To Mind His Place.” But those outlets are satire and TMZ, though often close, is not.

In a video shared on the celebrity news site, Dr. Oz gave his “diagnosis” of Kanye West — despite not being his physician and presumably knowing almost nothing about his personal life or medical records. Professionalism!

“I think that a lot of what Kanye’s been dealing with is anger, frustration, and he didn’t grieve over his mother’s death the right way,” the doctor rambled while literally standing on a New York City sidewalk.

What was the basis of this oh-so-expert “diagnosis?” Dr. Oz supposedly talked to a person who interviewed Kanye the other day. Medical guesswork based on hearsay? Sign me up!

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The television doctor then opined about other issues, including the musician’s supposed use of prescription painkillers following a procedure back in 2016.

It needs to be pointed out just how unprofessional this is. Love him or hate him, Kanye West is a private citizen. Suppose for a moment that a medical doctor was giving street-side television interviews and making wild guesses about your medical history, while essential claiming that you were unstable.

The fact that the left — and the entire entertainment complex, it seems — has no problem with this is very revealing. It appears to be a targeted effort to make Kanye look unreliable. Instead of taking the musician’s comments head-on and debating them, they are going after his entire credibility as a human being.

To be clear, Kanye West is a wildcard who speaks freely and often goes on tangents. But that’s the point: Diverse thoughts, opinions, and views are supposed to be something that we celebrate, not attack.

That is the real problem with liberals at the moment. Despite parroting their support for “diversity,” they refuse to allow true diversity of thought and instead focus on meaningless differences like skin color.

For too long, they have presumed that all black Americans have the same views. Kanye has disproved this assumption with spectacular style, and that is exactly why liberals will do anything to silence or destroy him.

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