WH Issues Commemorative NK Coin, Gives KJU Quite a Few Extra Chins


President Donald Trump is well known for criticizing North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un.

He has already coined the nickname “Rocket Man” for the reclusive dictator, and now another jab at Kim has been “coined” as well … literally.

On Monday, NBC News revealed that a collectible coin commemorating the planned summit between Trump and Kim has been produced. “Less than a month to Trump-Kim summit, White House Communications Agency (WHCA) releases its ‘trip coin,'” reported NBC journalist Peter Alexander.

“This is #74 of 250 made,” the correspondent posted, along with an image of the coin.

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At first glance, it looks like any other “challenge coin” that is commonly given as a morale item within the military and public service agencies.

On closer inspection, however, a stark contrast between the tough-looking silhouette of Trump and his North Korean rival becomes obvious.

“How many chins did they give Kim Jong Un?” asked Steven Dennis, a Bloomberg reporter whose Twitter profile reveals a few extra chins of his own.

Do you think this was a purposeful attempt to tease KJU ahead of the planned summit?

Sure enough, the profile image of Kim embedded in the commemorative coin seems to purposely make the “Dear Leader” look especially corpulent.

Whether this was intentional or a genuine reflection of Kim’s, shall we say, “robust” figure is open to interpretation. However, it’s undeniable that Trump’s image on the coin appears to have a rather chiseled jawline, while the Korean leader has the opposite.

“Trump’s jawline is hilariously exaggerated,” pointed out one anti-Trump Twitter user, along with a comparison photo. We will give him this: He’s not wrong.

Predictably, critics emerged to bash the entire existence of a commemorative coin for the upcoming summit.

“FFS!! How much are we paying for these?” asked Sharon Coryell on Twitter.

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“Cheap trinkets. Trump 101. Tacky branding,” scolded another commenter.

However, NBC News’ Peter Alexander was quick to point out that this was hardly unique to the Trump administration.

“These trip coins have existed for years, including during Obama administration,” the journalist explained.

The small-government side of every conservative may cringe at the prospect of money being spent on something as unnecessary as “trip coins” for overseas summits, but there may be bigger fish to fry.

Securing peace on the Korean peninsula is one of them — and if President Trump is able to pull that off, a few hundred commemorative coins may be a small price to pay, extra chins included.

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