Wife of Retired Cop Slain in Riot Unloads, Calls BLM a 'Terrorist Organization' and Blasts 'Supervillain' VP Harris


The wife of a retired police officer who was murdered during the Black Lives Matter riots two years ago spoke out against the organization and the leftist politicians who enabled the violence.

In an opinion article for Fox News published Tuesday, Ann Dorn slammed BLM for the death of her husband, retired St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn, early on the morning of June 2, 2020.

“Although David was retired from the police force at the time, he never retired from serving his community,” Dorn wrote. “One of our friends owned a pawn shop, which was only 10 minutes from our house but nearly an hour away from where our friend lived.

“Because of this, David was the point of contact for the alarm system and would check on the shop whenever the alarm went off. He had been doing this for 30 years.”

On the night of June 1, 2020, St. Louis was ravaged by violent demonstrations related to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody a week earlier.

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“Buildings were burned, businesses were looted, and rioters shot at firefighters and police officers,” Dorn wrote.

The alarm at the pawn shop owned by the Dorns’ friends was triggered during the violence. Being the courageous man he was, David Dorn went to check on the shop.

“When he arrived at the shop, David confronted a few of the rioters outside, one of whom was a man named Stephan Cannon,” his wife wrote. “David told them it wasn’t worth it, that there was little of value in the shop that wasn’t tightly locked up.

“Moments later Cannon shot David in the chest. He bled out on the sidewalk. A third rioter live-streamed the entire incident, and we later learned that one of the many viewers who watched David’s murder unfold was David’s eldest grandson.”

Cannon was convicted of first-degree murder in Dorn’s death last month and is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 13, according to KPLR-TV in St. Louis.

But Ann Dorn said he is not the only one who should be held accountable for her husband’s death.

“David became a cop because when he was a little boy he wanted to be a superhero,” she wrote. “And he was a superhero. But if real life superheroes exist, so do supervillains.

“Those supervillains are people like the man who killed my husband.

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“They are people like billionaire George Soros, who use their power and influence to promote extremist politics and fan the flames of division.

“They are people like Vice President Kamala Harris, who raised money for the rioters’ bail funds, and the CEOs of prominent companies who blindly gave their support and money to this. If a foreign organization were tied to nationwide rioting in the U.S., we’d probably call it a terrorist organization.”

On the day of the St. Louis rioting that led to Dorn’s death, Harris asked people on Twitter to contribute to the Minneapolis Freedom Fund.

One of the people bailed out through the fund was George Howard, who was arrested on a murder charge last year, KMSP-TV in Minneapolis reported.

Dorn also denounced Black Lives Matter in her Fox News opinion piece.

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“David didn’t agree with or support Black Lives Matter,” she wrote. “He never understood Black Lives Matter, because it never actually did anything to help Black lives. The same year David was killed, over a dozen children were shot in St. Louis, and never once did Black Lives Matter show up. Their lives mattered.

“Fifty-five businesses were looted or destroyed the night David was murdered, many of them Black-owned. Their livelihoods mattered. My husband was a Black man who selflessly served his community for over 40 years. His life mattered.”

As Ann Dorn pointed out, the BLM movement has done little to help black Americans. Instead, it has fueled more violence and hatred.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.