We're Winning: New Poll Finds Support for CRT Completely Underwater


The left is losing its messaging war on critical race theory, the idea and teachings that all things in the country are rooted in racism or white supremacy.

A recent Economist/YouGov poll found that among those who are aware of CRT and its divisive and destructive ideas, most people abhor the left-wing idea being pushed in business, the military and education that the U.S. was founded on oppressing minorities.

Respondents to the survey were asked, “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of critical race theory?”

Opponents of CRT were most likely to be white and male. No surprise there, as this group is the one targeted for cancellation by CRT and the Marxists who push it on employees, troops and schoolchildren.

But politically, pushing divisive racial politics and rewriting history with an anti-American slant is a losing battle for the far left.

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Economist/YouGov, which is no conservative pollster, also collected political party affiliation regarding that same question.

Unsurprisingly, 85 percent of Republicans who were polled said they had a very unfavorable view of CRT. In another non-shocker, more than half, 58 percent, of Democrats viewed the idea that the country is built on a racial hierarchy “very favorably.”

But not even six out of 10 Democrats have that enthusiasm for critical race theory, while the issue is a hard no for independents. Of those polled, 71 percent of unaffiliated voters said they viewed CRT very unfavorably.

Of all voters, a mere 38 percent told Economist/YouGov they had a somewhat or very favorable view of critical race theory.

Do you have a favorable opinion of critical race theory?

The online poll was conducted June 13-15 online among 1,500 respondents, 1,305 of them being registered voters, and reported a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

Ouch for those who have been out pushing this divisive ideology. But here’s the best part: Thanks to a report Monday from Politico, we have even more insight regarding how CRT is being received in heavily Democratic areas of the country.

The outlet spoke to numerous parents, activists and school officials across the U.S. and found that mothers, in particular, don’t want racism and white guilt pushed onto their kids.

One of those moms was a California woman who voted for Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election and has now mobilized an email list and is meeting with like-minded peers and public officials to oppose the teaching of structural bias on kids. She is a first-generation immigrant whom Politico portrayed as being a typical suburban mom.

The outlet spoke to parents in six states who shared similar views and stories about their views on the left’s campaign for racism.

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Democratic Party operatives who spoke to Politico downplayed the effect of CRT on their 2022 and 2024 electoral prospects, but the anger is real. In places such as Arizona, Florida, Michigan, New York and Virginia, CRT is driving parents in majority-Democrat counties to call for new leadership in school districts.

One Democratic official told Politico that the anger over critical race theory threatens her party’s chances in upcoming elections as the damage done by racial politics is being underestimated by those who continue to pursue reprogramming people to view everything through a racial lens.

That person said people who are aware of CRT are “scared about what their kids are learning.”

Parents are right to be worried. The Politico report and the poll from Economist/YouGov are both indicators that Democrats are failing to convince people that everything is racist.

This is a big win for anyone who doesn’t want to see the country go backward in race relations.

Democrats and the left own the messaging on everything by controlling social media, entertainment and the establishment media.

Despite the advantage, the ugliness of CRT is transparent, and people simply don’t like it outside of the Democratic Party’s rabid base.

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