Evil: Woman Left Literally Inside Out After Punks Find Her Walking Home


A shocking crime against a woman in India was so brutal that it’s getting noticed even thousands of miles away, and serving as a rally point in the debate about women’s rights in different cultures.

According to the Hindustan Times, a passerby found a woman who is 19 or 20 years old unconscious in West Bengal, which counter-intuitively is located on the east side of India.

When the Good Samaritan tried to help the injured woman, they made a gruesome discovery: The woman had been sexually assaulted so violently that her intestines were visible.

“I noticed the woman lying in an unconscious state. I sprinkled water on her face and she stirred,” explained Dhamu Soren in a police report obtained by the Indian newspaper.

“At that time, I noticed her intestine was coming out from her private parts,” the man who found the unconscious woman explained.

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Police believe that the woman was raped and then had a metal object inserted into her private parts. Even though she was left for dead under a bridge for an estimated 18 hours, she managed to survive and underwent emergency treatment at a nearby hospital.

“A team of specialist doctors have conducted surgeries and she is responding well,” explained Amit Kumar Dawn, a medical professional at Malda Medical College and Hospital.

The brutally wounded woman was able to tell her story about what happened. “The woman told me (…) a resident of Dehaband village, and some other persons abducted her and gang-raped her in a secluded place,” relayed Soren, the man who had found her.

“It seems after raping the girl the accused assaulted her with some weapon as a result of which her intestine came out,” he explained. Authorities also said that they had arrested two suspects in the crime.

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Not surprisingly, there are serious questions about how this disturbing incident occurred and how to protect women in the future.

“We want stern punishment for the culprits. We have come to know that the victim has no relatives and is an orphan,” an Indian woman’s rights activist named Chirashree Dasgupta declared. “We will try to provide her with all necessary support.”

Some officials also pointed the finger at the current government for not taking crime in the area seriously, and for possibly trying to cover up the incident after it was discovered.

“The chief minister is busy numerous statements every day, but she has found no time to issue a strong message against those who commit crimes against women,” scolded Rahul Sinha, the national secretary of Bharatiya Janta Party. “Clearly the safety and security of women is not her priority.”

Crimes against women and cultural attitudes about gender are a major concern in West Bengal, a region that is 27 percent Muslim and 70 percent Hindu. While protections for women have been increasing dramatically in many parts of the globe, they have faltered throughout India.

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“Thousands of women and girls each year are victims of gender violence in India – and the most recent statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau show that crimes against women have increased 34% in the past four years,” explained The Conversation.

“‘Cruelty by husband or his relatives’ was the most reported crime against women, accounting for 33% of all crimes in 2016,” elaborated The Wire, an Indian magazine. “Rape accounted for 11% of all crimes against women with 38,947 cases reported in 2016, or four every hour.”

While crimes against women appear to have risen sharply in India over the last four years, sexual violence against females here in the United States has dropped dramatically.

“The Justice Department says the rate of sexual violence against women and girls age 12 or older fell 64 percent in a decade and has remained stable for five years,” reported the Associated Press.

Cultures matter. Despite all the hatred of America and traditional values by the left, it turns out that the United States is actually ahead of the curve when it comes to equal rights and protections for women.

For all the flak the feminist crowd sends toward conservatives and Christians, the Judeo-Christian values that are built into America’s culture and legal system have given women in this nation a step up compared to almost any non-Western country in the world.

Shocking crimes against females such as this incident in West Bengal are sobering reminders of the gaps in women’s rights that still exist between America and developing nations.

Women around the world might be better off if the loudest feminist voices focused their attention on bringing Western values to those unstable places, instead of trying to tear down the same values here.

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