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Woman Discovered Dead, Potentially After Vicious Dog Attack: Punctured Neck

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Dog fights can be a horrible thing to witness, and many people’s first instinct is to get between the dogs to stop them, especially if they’re beloved pets.

Many owners think that their normally well-mannered dog would never hurt them, but when a dog goes into fight mode, it doesn’t distinguish well between friend and foe, and many, many well-meaning people get bitten trying to break up dogfights.

Some suggest spraying dogs with water or making loud sounds to shock them out of their rampage. Sometimes that works.

Others suggest using a solid object like a piece of plywood to separate them or grabbing them by their back legs and moving them away from each other.

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It doesn’t take much for a dog to transfer its rage toward another animal or a human being in the heat of the moment, and sadly, it appears that that may have been what happened in a case that took place last week in Houston, Texas.

On Nov. 19, Houston police got a call at around 10:50 a.m. about a body in a backyard in a southwest Houston neighborhood, according to KHOU-TV.

The body was identified as that of Tiffany L. Frangione, 48, who lived at the address. When police found her, she had puncture wounds on her neck.

Based on what police were able to put together and shared with news outlets, it appeared that Frangione had let her two dogs, a female husky mix and a male cane corso mix, into the backyard, where they started to fight through the fence with the neighbor dogs.

Based on news videos of the property, it appears that the fence was a wood privacy fence, but it seems that Frangione tried to stop her dogs and at least one of them turned on her.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the death was ruled as accidental by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

The cause of death was determined to be “blunt force trauma of the neck with penetrating injuries and mechanical asphyxia,” though a spokesperson for the agency would not say any more than that.

Frangione’s husband took both dogs to the local BARC Animal Shelter to be euthanized the following Monday, according to what the shelter told KTRK-TV.

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“This makes me very sad happening to anyone — and somebody in our own neighborhood, that’s even worse,” neighbor Kelia Ballou told KHOU.

Many people have commented on different shares of the story, pointing out that the cane corso is a very large, powerful breed of dog that can be difficult to handle and certainly isn’t for everyone.

Whatever the trigger or details behind the tragedy, it’s always good to remember to avoid personally getting between fighting dogs and to have some plan in place in case you do experience a fight.

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