Woman Finds Out the Truth About Free Health Care the Hard Way: 'I Was in Excruciating Pain'


Leftists are often talking about how cruel it is that the United States does not have a free public health care system.

They say America should ditch its health care system in favor of the socialist universal health care provided in several European countries.

With that said, it would be interesting to hear what a European has to say when it comes to the benefits of free health care.

Now, we have a video that does just that, and it would be helpful for every American socialist to see it.

British model and reality TV star Chloe Veitch recently posted a video on TikTok in which she compared her experience at a U.K. dentist with her experience at an American dentist.

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The beginning of the video left no doubt about where she was going.

“Health care in the U.K. is free,” she said, “but it’s rubbish.”

Veitch then described how she went to a dentist in the United Kingdom a few months ago as she was in “excruciating pain” because of a tooth problem. There, she said, the dentist told her nothing was wrong with her tooth.

Is "free health care" a scam?

“They didn’t do an X-ray. They didn’t do any checks,” she said in the social media post.

She then traveled to the United States, where she paid $700 for a visit to the dentist. Veitch said she was told her tooth was “rotten” and required a major procedure if she wanted any relief from the pain. She had it done, of course.

Obviously, this experience was very frustrating for Veitch, who ended the video by making an obscene gesture and saying, “F*** free health care.”

WARNING: The following videos contain vulgar language and a gesture that some viewers may find offensive.

@itschloeveitchThanks uk free health care ❤️ 🖕🏼♬ original sound – Chloeveitch

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Many people on Twitter responded to the video saying it was unsurprising that a socialist health care system, which looks good in theory, would not work in practice.

Of course, Veitch is not the only one to notice the problems with the U.K.’s health care system. In December, amid a massive strike by nurses in the country, a 93-year-old woman in Wales was left on the floor with a broken hip for 25 hours waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Despite all the evidence of the failings of “universal health care” in other countries, there are still many in this country, such as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who want to see a similar system in place in the United States.

Why does the left keep insisting on a system that has proven time and again to provide patients with poor care?

Veitch has the means to travel to see an American dentist, but what about the millions of people who cannot afford to do so? Don’t they deserve to have a good health service in their country?

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